'''EA fans finally rebel'''
EA sued for not keeping their promises

Battlefield 3: Broken Promises

EA finally gets the treatment it deserves! This might not be for The Sims series, but is much better than nothing at all. More info can be found here. EA promised that every buyer of Battlefield 3 on PS3 would get a free copy of Battlefield 1943. The title says it all. The game was shipped without the coplimantary copy and several players complained about it. This might not seem to be a great deal, since it's a free game. However, that is a lie. The PS3 version can play the game at high graphic settings, no ifs or buts. However, a high quality PC can play the game at very high graphic settings, with no difference in gameplay. Now let's imagine you own both devices. You got the PS3 version just for the second free game. Since you didn't get it, why shouldn't you buy the PC one? That is a scam. EA should really be ashamed of itself.

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