Andronikos Leventis Andronikos Leventis 22 November 2011

EA Fans finally rebel

EA finally gets the treatment it deserves! This might not be for The Sims series, but is much better than nothing at all. More info can be found here. EA promised that every buyer of Battlefield 3 on PS3 would get a free copy of Battlefield 1943. The title says it all. The game was shipped without the coplimantary copy and several players complained about it. This might not seem to be a great deal, since it's a free game. However, that is a lie. The PS3 version can play the game at high graphic settings, no ifs or buts. However, a high quality PC can play the game at very high graphic settings, with no difference in gameplay. Now let's imagine you own both devices. You got the PS3 version just for the second free game. Since you didn't get i…

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Andronikos Leventis Andronikos Leventis 22 October 2011

EA changes System Requirements for TS3

Hello Simmers! It has been a while since my last blog, but this is a bit crucial. EA silently changed the System Requirements for TS3 with the release of Pets. If you guys have ever ran TS3 with a one-core processor, on a system that barely meets the requirements to play the game, then you know what I mean. And if the motherboard is so old that the graphic card is not replaceable anymore, then here is your awnser. EA changed the system requirements to play The Sims 3 recently, along with the release of The Sims 3 Pets. So I decided to see what changed.


* 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent * 1 GB RAM * A 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 * The latest version of DirectX 9.0c * Microsoft Windows XP Service Pac…

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Andronikos Leventis Andronikos Leventis 22 March 2011

1,000 Edits!

I have just done my 1,000 lucky edit! The article was The Elixir of Life! I am so very happy! Now I consider myself to have reached one of my goals here! The next wiki I'm contributing to now is Zombiepedia, after the 25th of March! I am so excited! Now my next goal is to reach 2,500 edits, but my significant edit will be the 2,000th. Thank you all for your great support, but I would like to give special thanks to:

  • JEA13, for introducing me to the Wiki basics and helping me become who I am today.
  • BobNewbie, for helping me and being supportive and friendly.
  • Guilherme Guerreiro, for being always so nice and friendly to me and made me feel at home.
  • GEORGIEGIBBONS, for helping me understand some basic staff about the IRC Channel.
  • Dharden, for liste…
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Andronikos Leventis Andronikos Leventis 19 March 2011

Help! What should I buy?

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Andronikos Leventis Andronikos Leventis 1 February 2011

Do you think that a PSP version of The Sims 3 is a must?

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