We're going to celebrate this occasion the only way we know how: Free stuff for the community. We've got some stuff up our sleeves and in our hats, but if you're a creative soul and would to create something for The Sims Wiki community, now is certainly the time. If you've created custom content, a tool, a mod, a wallpaper, a funny screenshot, ANYTHING creative for Simmers to use and haven't released it yet, we'd love to hear from you. Once we hit the 5,000 articles, all the goodies will be released on this page.

You can contact Duskey via email to send the item(s) you would like to donate for the celebration. The items will be fully attributed to the creator and you're very welcome to share them as you'd like once they're released here, but we do ask creators to keep them from public use until we do so.

Join the celebration

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