aka Zulfadhli A. Rahman

  • I live in Brunei
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Student, independent videomaker/cartoonist/musician
  • I am Male
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About meEdit

Bachelor 2 0013

The best thing ever happened in The Sims.

Greetings. You are now visiting the official Sims Wiki site of Zulfadhli A. Rahman.

I am a Simmer from the start (from the original Sims game). Most of my Simming adventures including creating fanons, although I don't usually upload them on here since it's too long. I'll post some of my fanons here.

Currently, I'm making a template for future Bruneian Sims Wiki editors out there, but there seems to be a problem involving the flag being too large.

I have two laptops, my first one currently houses The Sims: Complete Collection with The Sims 2 and all the expansion/stuff packs. My second is used for The Sims 3, expansions and stuff.

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