• I live in United States
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Adventurer
  • I am Female

Love is like a beautiful rose, only the bravest of men will go for the ones that they love, the most beautiful and most dangerous rose.


About MeEdit

Hi! My name is Zaepora and I'm a teen living in the USA! I got Sims when Makin' Magic first came out and I was hooked instantly. It was something new and exciting I could sink my teeth into. Ever since, been a self-proclaimed addict and I have friends who would gladly vouch for that. SimsWiki has helped me get a lot of information on the game whenever I was stuck, so I love this site! Feel free to message me and talk on my page! I am on, add me, I always love to have friends cause I love sending off presents. My username is Zaepora, the same as on here! Add me, send me, I'll send back!

The Sims Games I ownEdit


  • Figure out how to put my userbox on the right side, making it look all pretty.
  • Buy the Sims 3 Univerity Life
  • Buy Fraps
  • And get my first Lets Play video on youtube
  • Buy the Sims 3 Generations
  • Have at least three friends
  • Get to generation 10 without restarting
  • Have all the Sims 3 Expansion/Stuff Packs before Sims 4 comes out.
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