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Avid player of the Sims series. And a worthy editor I might add, not to sound egotistic.

I'm found on a lot of wikis, but you would probably find me on here most of the time. I'm also an administrator.

People call me "Tulle," so I would like everyone to address me as that.

Live Life To The Fullest, It's The Only One You've Got.

Life Is A Rollercoster, It Has It's Ups And Downs.


-XoTulleMorXo (talk and contributions)

--XoTulleMorXo (Talk and Contributions♥)

--XoTulleMorXo ♥talk and contributions♥

About Me

Nothing really much to say, I'm 18, I'm a graduate at my high school. I'm blonde, pretty tall, very nice (with a small temper), funny (at least that's what my friends say) and highly street smart/book smart :). The Sims, in my opinion, is one of the best video games ever created. I'm a huge Katy Perry fan. If you actually read all of this without falling asleep, then thank you.

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