aka Wir Wiryawan

  • I live in Surabaya
  • I was born on November 23
  • I am Male
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About MeEdit

Hi there! I just ordinary man with ordinary activity who love the sims series too much. I'm a former admin and already retired here, so I only on this wiki if I have extra time. I have some tips to fix the glitch on the game without a mod, check my blog to find it.

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My Personal BlogsEdit

Moodlet cheered up happy Thanks sunflower

My SimsEdit

  • Adam Hunt
  • Alpha X-1
  • Blake Hunt
  • Diva Moore
  • Ethan Foxx
  • Gerald Hall
  • Ian Vanchure
  • Keiran Vanchure
  • Kelly Hale
  • Lucas Moore
  • Nathan Hall
  • Zero

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