aka Tim

  • I live in the great expanse of the Outback, where deadly animals (such as I) thrive and co-exist with the scorching heat of the sun as it beats down upon the land... ...just kidding. I live in Perth, Australia.
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is part-time music teacher, cartoonist, general pain in the butt
  • I am not an alien
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[[File:Birthday cake.png|25px|3rd WikiBirthday 12 March 2017 :D]]
[[File:Birthday cake.png|25px|3rd WikiBirthday 12 March 2017 :D]]
[[File:Birthday cake.png|25px|4th WikiBirthday 12 March 2018 :D]]
[[File:Birthday cake.png|25px|4th WikiBirthday 12 March 2018 :D]]
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{{FeatEditor|January 2015}}

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G'day, sir/madam! I'm Tim. While my username is WikiBuilder1147, I tend to refer to myself as TheTimMan - you can call me either, though I'd prefer if you call me by name. I've been here for four years now; I guess that's some sort of achievement, right? I mainly work on the Fanon articles revolving around the Vargheim family. I've also recently been given administrator rights, so that means...yeah, I'm a admin. If you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask on my Inter-Temporal Communications Matrix (it can relay your message to my timezone instantaneously! Amazing!)

About me

I live in Australia and I'm a music student at the University of Western Australia. I joined TSW in early 2014, beginning my time here by creating the Howlgard page. Since then my edit count has steadily grown, and I've gained experience and created good working relationships with other members of the community, and I hope these will come to use in times of need.

The Sims series first came to my attention in 2005 as a little kid, when my older cousin showed me what she thought to be at the time was the best computer game ever: The Sims 2. I was hooked by the simplicity of it all: how you could just click a few buttons here and there, and you had a completely furnished home, with a family inhabiting it. When I got home, I pestered my parents to get the game for me, and they did. Eventually. I played TS2 all the time, until sadly, the computer died. With that, my passion for The Sims died down a little bit. Then I picked up The Sims 3, and it started all over again. I also remember playing SimCity some time in the past.

Outside of the Sims, I play the piano, which I've been learning for as long as I can remember, and yes. I'm a trekkie, and a big fan of science fiction in general. My gaming time is focused on The Sims and Civ 5. I enjoy writing, drawing and creating fiction.

From 2016 to mid-2018 I was mostly inactive, hardly making any edits. However, losing all my game files in late 2017 eventually motivated me to relaunch the Vargheim family, recreating it from scratch. All Vargheim-related articles prior to this relaunch are now archived and are no longer considered "canon".

Umm...yeah, that's it about me.


  • English is my mother tongue
  • I learn Japanese at school, and I speak it at an intermediate level (ie. I'm not confident using it in everyday conversation yet)
  • I learn Chinese, also at school, albeit less frequently (I really don't learn anything at all -_-). Despite starting to learn Japanese significantly later than Chinese, I'm better at speaking Japanese than Chinese.
  • I used to speak German at an advanced level, but I stopped learning German after I entered high school (3 years ago), so my German speaking and writing skills have unfortunately regressed to a basic level. I'm trying to re-learn German by myself though. Ich spreche Deutsch nicht!
  • I learn Latin bit by bit from two sources. One is through my school choir, where we sometimes sing classical music in Latin. The other is through my research for a project regarding the Roman Empire. Check it out!

My friends

This is a list of who I consider my friends on this wiki. If you think of me as a friend, feel free to add your name below!

To-do list

  1. I lie. I don't have a to-do list.
  2. Write a to-do list because I want to get on the bandwagon.
  3. Rejoice because I now have a to-do list.
  4. Realise that my to-do list isn't really a to-do list and go to a quiet corner to cry.

Okay. The following is my REAL to-do list.

  1. Create articles for all of the Sims in the new Vargheim series.

List of creations

If you're too lazy to rummage through this 'ere bag of my creations ➔ Rucksack, here's a helpful list of most of the fanon that I've created so far. (I've got to update this)






List of subpages


  • 12 September 2014: I've been on TSW for 6 months!
  • 12 March 2015: I've been on this wiki for a year! Woo! *party*
  • 22 May 2015: 2,000th edit on Fanon:Diary of a Young Alien! (Well in reality my 2,000th was on a template and the 2,001st was on my userpage, but hey, who's counting? Not you, I hope. That would be seriously weird.)
  • 14 April 2018: I RETURN!



My page on other wikis

Here's a list of my user pages on other wikis, in case you want to have a little look :)



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