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About meEdit

Hi, , I'm Vpetmad. Welcome to my user page!

Vpetmad's Sim-self
I've been playing The Sims in some form or other for over ten years, ever since my friend Alex got the original Sims and let me create a family. As you can see from my profile I've been around on the wiki since 2012, but it took me until May 2015 to pluck up enough courage to edit anything. Everything you might want to know about me should be covered in my many userboxes.

You might have seen my fanon, A Garden of Roses (and its associated prequels) which you can read either on the wiki or on my blog. If you like my work, you'll want to check there in future for any further updates or new stories.

I'm not so active nowadays, but if you need to contact me I will still keep an eye on my talk page.


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