My Traits

Trait Computer Whiz
This user has the Computer Whiz trait.
Trait Adventurous
This user has the Adventurous trait.
Trait Insane
This user has the Insane trait.
Trait Loner
This user has the Loner trait.
Trait Loves To Swim
This user has the Loves To Swim trait.
Trait Hot-Headed
This user has the Hot-Headed trait.
Trait Vampire
This user has the Vampire trait.

My Games

The Sims series This user has been playing The Sims since 2008.


The Sims 2 The Sims 2 Logo
The Sims 2: University The Sims 2 University Logo
The Sims 2: Nightlife The Sims 2 Nightlife Logo
The Sims 2: Open for Business The Sims 2 Open for Business Logo
The Sims 2: Pets The Sims 2 Pets Logo
The Sims 2: Seasons The Sims 2 Seasons Logo
The Sims 2: Bon Voyage The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Logo
The Sims 2: Apartment Life The Sims 2 Apartment Life Logo


Mummy This user prefers The Sims 3 games to any other Sims games.

Fan Of

Grimthumb This user is a fan of the
Grim Reaper.
PollinationTech7 This user is a fan of Aliens.
This user is a fan of Vampires.
Sims 2 puppy and mother
This user is a fan of dogs.
TS2S Gallery 21
This user is a fan of Summer.
Mortimer Goth (The Sims 2) This user is a fan of Mortimer Goth.
Gunther Goth (The Sims 3)

This user is a fan of Gunther Goth

Lilith Pleasant
This user is a fan of Lilith Pleasant.
Dustin Broke This user is a fan of Dustin Broke.
NoDon Lothario This user is not a fan of Don Lothario.
Nervous Subject
This user is a fan of
Nervous Subject.
Bunch Family (The Sims 3)
This user is a fan of the Bunch family.
Moonlight Falls thumbnail

This user is a fan of Moonlight Falls.

Shang Simla thumbnail

This user is a fan of Shang Simla.

Strangetown story This user is a fan of Strangetown.

My favorites

Fav Irish GreenFav LimeFav Green

This user likes all sorts of green.

Fav Goopy Carbonara The user's favorite food is Goopy Carbonara.
Fav Rock The user's favorite music is Rock.

My Appearance

TS2 Green Eyes
This user has green eyes.
This user has chestnut hair.

Language And Country

ES This user speaks Spanish at a native level.
EN-3 This user speaks English at an advanced level.
Flag argentina This user is Argentinian.

Technical Info.

Chrome logo
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
W7logo This user runs on Windows 7.


Steam logo This user plays on Steam as gorillazvera.
Spanish sims wiki logo This user also contributes to the Spanish Sims Wiki 240px-Hispanic America (orthographic projection).svg Flag spain


Lolita Goth This user believes that Lolita Goth is Gunther Goth's ex-wife!
Strangetown Deceased Jessica Ebadi Original Appearance in TS2
This user believes that Olive is a murderer!
Don Lothario and Bella Goth
This user believes that Bella was abducted!


Play HandheldBowlingPlaying Cards

This user's hobby is Games.


Knowledge The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
CancerLN This user is a Cancer.
Female symbol This user is female.
This user is a teen.


Got Left at the Altar by -Sim- This user has never been in a relationship.
Brightened Day This user is happily single.

Strange Things

SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Simoleon This user uses kaching and motherlode.
Rude Guest
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
Missing Work
This user doesn't like work.
This user likes coffee.
Carbed Up
This user likes to eat sweets.
Good Memories
This user has good memories of family members, vacations, etc.
Saw Great Movie
This user likes watching movies.
I am the Greatest
This user is crazy!!
Too Many People This user is an introvert.


Moodlet no frame I graduated
This user has good grades.
W admire history
This user's favorite subject is history.


Singer career icon
This user likes to sing!
W returnhome
This user loves to travel abroad.


Yummy Goodness smiley
This user likes ice cream.

About meEdit

What to say about me? I'm just a normal teenager who likes playing games as TS and Pokémon to give examples. As yo can see there I have a lot of userboxes. That's because I can't define myself in little things, I can extend kinda lot. I'm Argentinian but my English level Is good. But well If I make mistakes you now why, is not my main language.

I play TS since I was 8 years. Yeah a bit young but It didn't affect me at all. First I used to play TS2 and I had the expansions on the right. Then I had a problem and I installed TS3 and well, same with the userboxes. I played TS4 but It felt kinda weird to me IDK why so I decided to download TS3 Final Pack. Yes a lot but Im enjoying It like a little kid.

Talking about my tastes I consider myself a very open person in tastes. I love music, especially Rock and Electronic. I like videogames and cartoons. But If you wanna know more about my tastes find my user In spotify. I'll give you a clue I have a Playlist called VR. That's all I can say

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