Female symbol This user is female.
Knowledge The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
LibraLN The user is a Libra.
This user is a teen.
Simlish Sims2 TV
This user likes the language Simlish.
Trait Friendly
This user has the Friendly trait.
Trait Grumpy
This user has the Grumpy trait.
Trait Perceptive
This user has the Perceptive trait.
Trait Light Sleeper
This user has the Light Sleeper trait.
Trait Neurotic
This user has the Neurotic trait.
Trait Shy
This user has the Shy trait.
Trait Dramatic
This user has the Dramatic trait.
Trait Neat
This user has the Neat trait.
Trait Computer Whiz
This user has the Computer Whiz trait.
EN This user speaks English at a native level.
FR-1 This user speaks French at a basic level.
Fav Autumn Salad
The user's favorite food is autumn salad.
This user is a fan of Vampires.
Rude Guest
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
Fav Pop
The user's favorite music is pop.
Belladonna Cove
This user is a fan of Belladonna Cove.
Flag canada This user is Canadian.
Fav Blue
This user's favorite color is blue.
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