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Hello! I'm Trébol, user and sysop of SimsPedia, the Sims Wiki on Spanish. I have a very bad english, but I think this is a beautiful wiki about a great game and I will edit here :). I speak spanish, medium english and a little of french. I'm 13 years old. My birthday is August 3rd, and I'm mexican. I like play The Sims since 2005, when I discovered it. I have many games of The Sims, and I have spent much money on them :P... uhmmm... I would be rich if I had not spent the money. But it don't care :).

I also like other games, such as Spore, Worms, Super Mario World (I finished it with all the secrets), Plants vs Zombies, Need for Speed and Braid (I love it!).

I'm always reading something, it's my hobby. I read books of mystery, comedy or science fiction usually, but I also read every book that I have.

I can't live without two things: computer and oxygen. I really need to do something on my computer all day and all the day to not go crazy. About the oxygen... well, I'm human.

Visit me on the SimsPedia! - My mesagges on SimsPedia
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