aka Cindy

  • I live in Minnesota, USA
  • I was born on October 11
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

Hai! :) My name's Cindy and I LOVE kitties! :3 I understand that my sister doesn't like cats as much, because my fiance's cat Nala has stabbed and wounded my sister, causing her to not able to go to the sims wiki. Also, I like K-Pop music, because my sister likes it too. :) I have been playing the Sims since I was a preteen: like 11 years old, I'd say. My first Sims game was The Sims (Console). My little cute sister at first was very scared of the sound when the Sims didn't want to go to bed together, so she smashed the disc. X( But luckily, recently, she has decided to rebuy it to confront that noise! XP

I don't edit here as much, but of course I've never realized that there is the sims wiki right here :)

My Sims DataEdit

Libra - Big
Sloppy 03 Neat
Shy 06 Outgoing
Lazy 03 Active
Serious 06 Playful
Grouchy 07 Nice

Well, it may not be my personality, because hey, birthdays don't have to go with zodiacs like my sister who has a Scorpio personality, but is born December 23rd.

Trait explanationEdit

I'll be listing them later.


Oh? Everyone here is my friend :) Well, I don't really know anyone here in the Sims wiki yet, but please, don't accuse me of sockpuppeting. :(

Mainly, um... my sister... is Wikierzz1122. I've seen her gossiping about me and it kinda hurts, but yeah. Wikierzz1122 is actually my sibling.

She has told me in person that she has seen a user whose sibling is this one user, and the other user accused the sibling of a user for sockpuppeting, so I hope not to get sockpuppeting like the user's sibling. :(


I'll be listing them later.


Yes, I've created my own sims, and my sister told me that I should be writing fanons about every entire sim that I've created in history, so here you go:


I'll have to think about it later.


Worlds? Well, I don't create many worlds as much, since my sister gave my first family computer a virus, so I'll have to recover this one town soon.

Building and Places:

Buildings? Well, I don't really like writing about buildings as much, but I'll post them soon.


  • Thammavong Family (with Wikierzz1122) (fanon coming soon!)
  • Everett Family
  • Emerald Family
  • Tutti Family (mine family, not the premade family)
  • Ruby Family
  • Williams Family


  • Tippaket Thammavong (Oh yes, this is my real name) (fanon coming soon!)
  • Brian Everett (fanon coming soon!)
  • Noelle Everett (fanon coming soon!)
  • Emerson Emerald (fanon coming soon!)
  • Erika Emerald (fanon coming soon!)
  • Jesse Tutti (fanon coming soon!)
  • Tiffany Tutti (fanon coming soon!)
  • Nikolatas (fanon coming soon!)
  • Mika Ruby (fanon coming soon!)
  • Candace Williams (fanon coming soon!)
  • William Williams (fanon coming soon!)
  • Blair (fanon coming soon!)

Yes, I have more Sims, but some of them will be posted soon while others were erased or something, so I hope to recover them as soon as possible.


Well, I don't think I have ever have created any pets before, so I'll list them when I have created any pets.

Everything Else:

I'll have to think about it later.

My Favorite SimsEdit

My Fanon Sims:

My Fanon sims? Well, I'll have to think about my favorite fanons later.

Preexisting Sims:

  • Fanny Adoré - She's very gorgeous and beautiful for a star.
  • Holly Alto - I like her a lot. She is a very good sim :) unlike her silly Alto parents.

Fanon Sims from other people:

My Least Favorite Things about the SimsEdit

  • Nick Alto and Vita Alto - The two may be funny and Vita may be nice, but I dislike evil things.
  • Being forced to kiss or make out with a dream sim in The Sims (console) and The Sims Bustin' Out - That is not what my main guy Brian Everett would like to do. Brian only likes Noelle.
  • Party Guys household and Party Girls household in the Sims (console) - I just don't like to have to force to marry them.
  • The Sims: Hot Date's Three Strikes Rule - My sister told me about this not so cute thing that makes me not want to see it, so I dislike that stupid Three Strikes Rule. It's not cute, because I love to repeatedly do the same social interactions over and over again.

My Favorite Fanon StoriesEdit

Well, so far, I'll read your cool fanon stories later. :)

External LinksEdit

Ehh, you know who I am. You can just google me: Tippaket Thammavong. But I've also signed up in a name that's not Tippaket Thammavong, so yeah. I'll list them later. :)


TipsyTippy1011 (talk) 04:01, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

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