aka Richie

  • I live in Your Dreams MR/MISS stalker
  • I was born on October 20
  • I am STUIPID
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Now look at the right of you! you see? oh i mean to the left my mistake! yeah THERE! you can see with i like that or why i am like that...WHAT!?!

About meEdit

Hey i am Richie and i really LOVE the Sims and now i am here to help people or talk about things maybe i will do a many things for this wiki but hey WHO KNOWS!?! but lets hope i wont ruin the wiki.....

Traits and stuff EXPLAINEDEdit

Pleasure aspiration. - Well i just want to have fun... you know?

teen. - Yo stalker this is my age.... what can i explain on this one?

Brooding trait. - Many times i think Why are we here?Also i suck at everything creative

Loser trait. - Want me to do something?Well watch out i will mess up stuff ( i ruined the wiki once)

Shy trait.- i dont like being around many people and i SUCK at talking with people!

Animal Lover trait. - Well lets just say i LOVE animals okay?

Good trait. - this might sound selfish but i think about others before i think about myself and i donate stuff...

Hydrophobic trait. - I almost died because i was drowning and than i gained this trait...

Over-Emotional trait. - i take bad things up really bad and good things really good!

Computer Whiz trait. - I like to be on the computer okay?

'Heavy Sleeper trait.'''' - hey if you see me sleeping (YOU STALKER!) dont try to wake me up....


Unlucky trait. - I just have bad lucky. Not just bad luck i have it 95% of the time!

Unflirty trait. - DONT FLIRT WITH ME OR ELSE........

Clumsy trait. - Hey can you hold this? sure! *trips over my own shoes* oops... I BROKE IT!

eat sweets - WHO DOESNT!?!


prefers The Sims 2 - yeah i do! Do you have a problem with that

Libra. - What should i say here? I just happen to be a Libra....

Dutch. - I am dutch. I hope you dont have a problem with that okay?

speaks Dutch - OH I AM DUTCH AND I SPEAK IT ALSO?!? OMG!?!

speaks English - Yeah i speak english

male. - So... i am a male........WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW!?!

Mozilla Firefox. - I like it! i love it! its handy its cool and awsome!

Windows 7 - I like Windows and i like number 7 and i LOVE Windows 7!


- You are a Acqaintance if we just met,if i barley know anything about you or if you are not nice enough to get higher

- i talk mostly about The Sims with those people and give my opinon.


Adila Rahma (not sure if this user remebers me)

Good Acqaintance`sEdit

- Better than a acquaintance but not as good as friends. you are a good accqaintance if you are nice to me,if i know you a littel bit or if i know you already for some time

- I talk mostly about the sims and give my opinon but sometimes about something else

- ColinThePanda



- Those people are my FRIENDS...wait who wants to be friends with me?

-  i talk alot with my friends and about many subjects too!


- I know many more people and i have some friends but i cant do ALL of them at the moment but YOU can help by adding yourself in if you feel like it!

- I am learning the ropes about the Wikia at the moment i might make some mistakes. dont be afraid to say it! just make sure that you say it gently!

- YOU THERE YEAH YOU! you might see me edit A LOT at the same stuff... well i am not very smart and i foget something and th- well i think you know what i mean....

- since i played a game (feel free to ask what game) i am saying : its a fact look it up alot!

- i am NOT a hardcore simmer!
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