• I live in Philippines
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is Traditional Artist, Wiki editor

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Hello, as you know, I'm not going to be active on The Sims Wiki. I had fun editing the Sims Wiki for almost a year now. But the fun just faded away. And editing is just not fun anymore. I had found a hobby that enjoys me a lot and confidence might pour me to find people who enjoys having conversations with me. Again, I had fun and enjoy editing TSW and other wiki stuff. But it's not the fun as I expected. It's more like a choir to me. So, yeah, goodbye.

Gazork(?)! I'm ThePeculiarMe. I'm a user who needs to learn most important things. In my Sims, I use my Sims as a test monkey to contribute something that is missing information but I never save it. :P And I use cheats and mods; cheats for removing negative moodlets and stuck Sims to return their home and mods for test monkeys, pictures, and information of wandering Sims.

And you may think that I spend more time here than The Sims game. Actually, my computer doesn't upgrade until now so it makes my game slows. But I'm still going as long as I have fun in The Sims and the wiki.

Here is a very related quote that everyone have in common: "Society sucks these days".

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