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About me[]

Perhaps unlike others, I prefer to do what would be considered "menial" editing tasks. While I'm new to The Sims Wiki, I have some experience editing for Wikipedia. I'm not a true beginner to editing, but it's been a while and will probably take me some time to be comfortable again, especially when it comes to writing bigger pieces or entire articles and editing code. I would love to get involved in some of the projects here, so if anyone is looking for a menial task girl, don't be shy to tell me. For now I have been reading the To Do Page. Any pointers, tips or insights you can give me will always be appreciated.

I won't say how old I am or what I do now, because I have a feeling I'm one of the oldest members on this wikia. All I'll say is I'm still a "young adult" and you can decide the rest for yourself.

In terms of The Sims games, I took a break from playing The Sims not many months after the Family Fun Stuff pack came out for Sims 2. The expansions were too pricey for me to afford. It took a long time for me to get back into playing, but I eventually began reading a lot about Sims 3. Being a gamer and incredibly curious by nature, I had to try it. So far so good.

In general I am a fan of EA games, most notably Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I also play Second Life and Neverwinter Nights.

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