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The Sims Makin' Magic
The Sims Makin' Magic
{{userbox ts2}}
{{Userbox ts2}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep1.gif|University]]
{{Userbox ts2dd}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep2.gif|Nightlife]]
{{Userbox ts2u}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep3.gif|Open for Business]]
{{Userbox ts2ofb}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep4.gif|Pets]]
{{Userbox ts2p}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep5.gif|Seasons]]
{{Userbox ts2s}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep6.gif|Bon Voyage]]
{{Userbox ts2bv}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep7.gif|FreeTime]]
{{Userbox ts2ft}}
[[Image:Gamehas ep8.gif|Apartment Life]]
{{Userbox ts2al}}
[[Image:Gamehas sp2.gif|Glamour Life Stuff]]
{{Userbox ts2gls}}
[[Image:Gamehas sp4.gif|Celebration Stuff!]]
{{Userbox ts2hmfs}}
[[Image:Gamehas sp5.gif|H&M Fashion Stuff]]
{{Userbox ts2tss}}
[[Image:Gamehas sp6.gif|Teen Style Stuff]]
{{Userbox ts2kbids}}
[[Image:Gamehas sp8.gif|IKEA Home Stuff]] I own all that.
{{Userbox ts2ihs}}
I have seen The Sims 2 trailers (includes teasers)
I have seen The Sims 2 trailers (includes teasers)

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I have seen The Sims 2 trailers (includes teasers)

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Welcolme to my page. I hope you enjoy it.

Melanie Potterie

I created the Potterie Family and made a famous sim called Melanie Potterie. Read here for more info.

It has just been created so be patient for other parts of it.

Favourite Sims

Bella Goth

Consort Capp

Puzzles for you!

I've got news for you! Puzzles! Puzzles and extra puzzles! Coming July 11th is Puzzles4You Wikia

E-mail my account here for your own puzzles to be sent into it!

If you are a teacher, this Wiki will be great for you!

The Sims Wiki Paper

I am starting an online fortnightly newspaper called the Sims Wiki Paper.

Do not worry, send me your contributions in text (no attachments) via e-mail. Write the contribution in the e-mail. Thanks

Is there a TS2 Modding tool?

Is there a TS2 Modding tool because I want to make a mod to allow the unused hairstyles (like Irma's Beehive and Kynda's Hair) and clothes (like Inidborjd's cardigan etc.).

Reply on my talk page!

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