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Welcolme to my <strike>new</strike> '''updated''' page. I hope you enjoy it.
I will be starting family trees
== TheDataMonster: Greetings ==
Hello, everybody, I'm TheDataMonster (or TDM). I have been away due to internet diffuclties. I am now re-active.
I am an admin to Sims Wiki, and have used it as the wiki database for all things in The Sims.
I have now resided back into The Sims 2 with the ZX Spectrum mod (thanks Numenor off MTS2).
==Sims Wiki News==
R.I.P Sims Wiki News 2009-2010
Hello SIMScentral 2010-Present!!
The ultimate Sims Wiki Newsletter item. Constantly updated from new feeds, and like talk pages: there will be archives!
SIMScentral : Your Simish Ideal.
Coming soon...
I NEED HELP! Could someone also help as well.
==If I were a Sim==
I would be a Computer Whiz, Genius and Friendly
I would be in Pleasantview.
== Create Pages ==
buttonlabel=Start editing, everyone!
<blockquote>Hi everyone</blockquote>
{{TDM Subpages}}
I have edited The Broke Family family linkers
  Reticulating Splines

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