Tin of spam.jpg This user hates it when others spam and when they see it, they'll report it to an admin!

Stop vandalism.jpg This user hates seeing vandalism and they will fight against it in anyway they can!

Strangetown Deceased Jessica Ebadi Original Appearance in TS2.jpg
This user believes that Olive is a murderer!
Chrome logo.png
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Male symbol.jpg This user is male.
This user is a teen.
Lgbt-flag.png This user is a proud member of the LGBT Community, or an ally.
Nauseous.png This user is depressingly single.
Drink Eggplant Juice.pngLearned How to Make -Food-.pngWin Cooking Contest.png

This user's hobby is Cuisine.

Watch a Movie.pngRead a Novel.pngWrite a Novel want.png

This user's hobby is Film and Literature.

Play Handheld.pngBowling.pngPlaying Cards.png

This user's hobby is Games.

Play RC Car.pngRobotics.pngRestored First Car.png

This user's hobby is Tinkering.

Shooting Star.pngAnts.pngAlien.png

This user's hobby is Science.

Play Violin.pngWin Dance Contest.pngClassic Dance.png

This user's hobby is Music and Dance.

Heart Broken.png
This user is heartbroken.
NoWikiaChat.png This user dislikes Wikia Chat.
Pancakes.jpg This user lets Sims eat Pancakes.
Rude Guest.png
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
This user likes to donate to charities.
The Life of the Party.png
This user loves to party!
Missing Work.png
This user doesn't like work.
Buzz Crashed.png
This user doesn't like coffee.
Cuddle Time.png
This user likes plush toys.
Carbed Up.png
This user likes to eat sweets.
Hurt Hand.png
This user has broken/sprained/hurt a part of their body.
Good Memories.png
This user has good memories of family members, vacations, etc.
This user has an idol!
Saw Great Symphony.png
This user likes symphonies.
Saw Great Concert.png
This user likes going to concerts.
Read a Masterpiece.png
This user likes classics.
The Life of the Party.png This user is an extrovert!
TS2 Brown Eyes.png
This user has brown eyes.
This user has brown hair.
W7logo.png This user runs on Windows 7.
Fav Aqua.png
The user's favorite color is aqua.
GeminiLN.png The user is a Gemini.
Fav Sushi.png
The user's favorite food is sushi.
Trait Supernatural Skeptic.png
This user has the Supernatural Skeptic trait.
Fav Geek Rock.png
The user's favorite music is Geek Rock.
Steam logo.png This user plays on Steam.
link={{{1}}} This user is on Facebook
Flag united states america.svg This user is American.
Mummy.png This user prefers The Sims 3 games to any other Sims games.

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