aka Tandooli

  • I live in Your nightmares!!!
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Deranged Banana
  • I am Evil.
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About meEdit

Hi, I'm TandooliTheRainb0w, but I would PREFER you call me Tandooli, but you may also call me Tan or Tand, like most people do. I am friends with you, if somehow I know you are my friend :) I love the color pink, and sometimes I can be unpredictable. I love playing The Sims 2, even though my Bon Voyage disc has mysteriously disapeared...I don't care if you correct me on my grammar or not, but PLEASE be nice about it! I LUV ME COOKIEZ!!!

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All in all, I just like surfing the 'net(mainly sim-related stuff), playing my games on the computer, and having the TV on at the same time :)

My FriendsEdit



Back from Florida, I'm happy to be here! :D

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