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Welcome and enjoy my favorites you stalker...O-O

My Favorite PagesEdit

  • Cow Plant, the cow plant is pretty awesome. It rises my sim's social and fun needs quickly!
  • Death, it deals with the Grim Reaper. And who doesn't like to kill off their sim once in awhile for fun?
  • Teen, because being a teen can be difficult...besides I hate the toddler stage.
  • Criminal, the job its self in the Sims 2 was quite nice. I love reaching the last career level and figuring out you become a super villain.
  • Mummies. so freaking cool.
  • Zombies, who doesn't like zombies?

My Favorite SimsEdit

  • Alexander Goth, hes pretty awesome going around as a child geek. I always end up giving him the knowledge aspiration.
  • Cassandra Goth, more interesting than her mother. She should have been in the spotlight instead of Bella.
  • Mortimer Goth, dunno I just like him.
  • Jared Frio, he isn't such a BAD character. He always marries someone in my game and takes care of the kids more than his spouse.
  • Tank Grunt, he was my second favorite in Strangetown.
  • Pascal Curious, I hate his alien-hybrid baby but Pascal is my favorite being the only one in his household who has to deal with an alien-hybrid child,
  • Grim Reaper, he is the Boss.
  • Olive Specter, she has a mysterious aura to her. I wish they could of brought her back in TS3.
  • Ethan Bunch, the only one I can tolerate from the Bunches.
  • Tybalt Capp, because he always bully Juliet (can't stand her!.)
  • Cats, I have cats of my own.....
  • Lazlo Curious, because Lazlo is extremely funny.
  • General Buzz Grunt, like some other Sims, he isn't that bad either.

Least Favorite SimsEdit

  • Bella Goth, too promoted. She is not a great Sim to play with. Cassandra is WAY more interesting than Bella would ever be,
  • Connor Frio, liked him in the beginning but then he became annoying.
  • Don Lothario, hes really boring in TS3 but in the TS2 he was just a pest.
  • Juliet Capp, a social, spoiled butterfly.
  • Toddlers, in both games....the stage is boring and annoying. I usually ignore them in TS3, but in TS2 I quickly age them.
  • Babies, just like toddlers.
  • Law Enforcement, I don't like the career too much.
  • Beau Merrick, hes such a jerk to my Sims.
  • Repo-man, or SOPA in this case....

Favorite Fanon SimsEdit

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