aka Bee

  • I live in in a cold place right now....
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is Artist/Writer/Devious Woman
  • I am a lamp now....
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{Wanna find the rest of my userboxes, favorites, and my fanon go here please: Grrr...

A sandbox?.......really?

Welcome to my profile! My name is Brittany...yeah I don't like that name either (Please call me Bee or by my username). I'm a wiki editor and proud of it! I love to write fanons, sketching random things, animals, video games, walking in the park and giving advice (to my family). I'm a friendly and hot headed, sarcastic, passive aggressive woman and pretty much dislike dressing and acting feminine. My permanent goal on this site is to help make it the biggest Sim Wiki on the internet. Also I can be really rude at times, I'm taking some anger management classes and it really isn't going well if you want to hurt the person next to you who doesn't let you finish talking.

  • Atomia is my second CAS in the Sims 3. She still hasn't been played with for a couple of months.
  • Okay I know horses are randomly generated in the game but this one always keep showing up! He is a bit funny to look at though....
  • My sister and I as Sims. Young adults playing the tag....psh, we love games....
  • ....The expression is priceless.....
  • Ronald McDonald....O_o


  1. Place captions
  2. Fix my fanon
  3. Help out any where.
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