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Heyh :)Edit

My name's Sofia and you might be able to say that I'm awesometingsaladsome.

I'm half-Spanish! Yeahh!

I own The Sims 2 + the Apartment Life, FreeTime, University & Nightlife EPs. Violet Jocque's face turned green and Angela Pleasant's an empty blue space of nothingness. It was unnerving. My poor little simmies ;[

My game probably needs replacing but I love my Sims 2 game and I never will! No upgrade {ie. The Sims 3} will ever change that. YEAH SIMS 2 LOVE! YEAHHH! ♥

Links Edit

:- Bella Goth

:- The Sims 2

:- Cassandra Goth/Player stories

:- Is Olive Specter a murderer?

Fave CC Edit

Aaaah... I ♥ CC! ^_^ Here are my favouritismtastic CC downloads ;] Enjoy! {These are all TS2 downloads so shoo if you're a TS or TS3 player! NOWW!}

Cute outfit for adults:-

Some nice eyeshadows:-

OMG OMG OMG adorable clothing for adorable toddlers!:-

Female hair:-

More female hair:-

Byee! Happy Simming!Edit

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