aka Anya

  • I live in Portland, Oregon
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Full-time student and raging Sims 2 addict
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

I have been playing Sims games since I got The Sims Deluxe Edition for Christmas when I was about seven. I have played all the games, but my favorite by far is The Sims 2. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Sims 3, but found The Sims 4 a bit disappointing. Sometimes, in my spare time, I think about what the Sims Studio could do to make The Sims 5 a perfect combination of the best of the three previous games. I think the best way to go would be to incorporate the world of 3, the sim graphics of 4, and the genetics and emphasis on story of 2.

I recently restarted my plays of the default Sims 2 neighborhoods, and am constructing a rather extensive fanon around my playthrough of Veronaville. I may add fanons for Pleasantview and Strangetown later, particularly the latter, as I have some ideas for how to tie it to my Veronaville fanon.

Outside of the Sims games, my interests include genetics and ancient history and literature (I am a Classics major, but started out studying Biology). As a ridiculous nerd, I have incorporated these interests into my gaming: I created a mod that sorted the default hair and eye colors in The Sims 2 onto more different levels, and sometimes slip obscure classical references into my fanon.

When I first played The Sims 2, all the way back in sixth grade, I had a huge crush on Lilith Pleasant. She is still one of my favorite characters.

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