About Me!!!!Edit

Hi guys, I'm Simslover66. I've been playing the sims for four years and got the sims 3 for Xmas. I also like to write fanfiction for the sims.

My Sims 2 Web Of Love

Pleasantview-Next Generation

Don Lothario II(Cassandra/Don)/Jeanie Roseland(Nina/Cyd)

Kelly Goth(Mortimer/Alexa)/Harvey Pleasant(Mary-Sue/Daniel)

Orion Dreamer(Cassandra/Darren)/Darling Lothario(Don/Kaylynn)

Helena Goth(Alexander/Lucy)/Nicky Lothario(Don/Kaylynn)

Faith Goth(Mortimer/Dina)/Marcus Roseland(Nina/Cyd)

My favorite pagesEdit

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  • Pleasantview
  • Strangetown
  • Sunset Valley
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