• I live in UK
  • I was born on March 20
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

I play Sims2 and all of the expansion and stuff packs. I tend to play multi-generational families (assuming I stick with it that long) and dont really make 'ordinary' families. An example is this family I've based my fanon around;

One sim I've made that I'm particularly proud of, is the son of Rod Humble. I made a female sim in CAS called Moriko Sakurako (meant to be kinda oriental, I used a namegenrator, i'm not good at that stuff) and moved her in. When Rod Humble came onto the lot, I paused the game and using the tombstone of life and death I made Moriko pregnant by Rod. He actually shows up on thier family tree, but of course she has no memories of him. Their son, Kazuo Sakurako, is now an adult. As a toddler he looked kinda wierd, but I think that was a clash of face shapes, as a teenager he looked so much like a black-haired Rod it was quite amazing, now as an adult he looks alright but not so much like Rod anymore. He's married the town Diva, Mackenzie, and according to the story has turned out to be a bit of a jerk.

I have a question about alien skin tones, if you can help me at all;

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My favorite SimsEdit

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The Sims games I own Edit

  • All Sims2 expansion packs and stuff packs

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