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About meEdit

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I am a Sim player all the way from the very fist SimCity (even though I wasn't born then) right through to The Sims 3! Even though I really do love and play Sims 3, I still can't deny that Sims 2 is, and always will be my favourite era of The Sims. To the right is a picture of me simmified, incase your woundering :)

Things to know about me:

  • Loves Coffee,
  • Loves Sims,
  • Loves Modding

I joined Simwiki to do two things, help post resources and of course talk to fello simmies! Commom' Snana? So feel free to chat to me anytime over at my Talk Page. I am still learning wiki's formatting, so please correct my edits if I leave it out ;)

Other things:Edit

I also have a dog who, belive it or not seems to look and act in every way that Claire Charming's dog Luna did in The Sims Unleashed! That's right, a dog who has an accident 24-7!

TS1 Dog


In my spare time I will sometimes make an ocassional Mod :) I don't mod much for TS3, well not meshing anyway, although I am sure I will get around to it one day.

One thing I am working on now though is creating a Sim 1 neighborhood with new coordinates and screen, so I'll post it up when it's done. As for TS3's Create-A-World, it doesn't seem to load right now, infact after a certian patch was released, I haven't been able to play TS3 so I am fourced to do another re-install!

Non-Sim interests (Not many of those)Edit

One thing I LOVE is Coffee! CoffeeAni Chai Latte, Capachino, Mocha, you name it I will have it! Well, maybe not strong expressos...


Mortimers late night latte's O_o

I also like some other game series such as Myst (Best selling PC game before The Sims), but nothing will ever beat or even come close to Sims!

As sports go I like am a bit of a Tennis freak, but I don't watch it that much.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • I will add them soon :)

My favorite SimsEdit

My Sim GamesEdit

Not including all of the console versions

Original Sim Games The Sims Bustin Out, The Sims Complete Collection,

Sims 2 Games The Sims 2, Gamehas ep1 Gamehas ep2 Gamehas ep3 Gamehas ep4 Gamehas ep5 Gamehas ep6 Gamehas ep7 Gamehas ep8 Gamehas sp1 Gamehas sp2 Gamehas sp4 Gamehas sp5 Gamehas sp6 Gamehas sp7 Gamehas sp8 Gamehas sp9 Pet stories, Life stories, Castaway stories ,

Sim 3 Games Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions, High End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane,

Other Sim MySims series, The Urbz, Sim City 4, Sim City Series,

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