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{{User aspirationTS4|Bestselling Author}}
{{User aspirationTS4|Bestselling Author}}
{{User traitTS4|Muser}}
{{User traitTS4|Muser}}
{{User traitTS4|Insane}}
{{User traitTS4|Erratic}}
{{User trait|Animal Lover}}
{{User trait|Animal Lover}}
{{User trait|Cat Person}}
{{User trait|Cat Person}}
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{{User traitTS4|Creative}}
{{User traitTS4|Creative}}
{{User traitTS4|Squeamish}}
{{User traitTS4|Squeamish}}
{{User traitTS4|Boring}}
{{User trait|Supernatural Fan}}
{{User trait|Unlucky}}
{{Userbox England}}
{{User male}}
{{User own sim4}}
{{User fan sim4}}
{{fan grimreaper}}
{{fan aliens}}
{{fan ghosts}}
{{fan cats}}
{{user allgreen}}
{{user allblue}}
{{User food|Hot Dog}}
{{User food|Cookies}}
{{User music|Classical}}
{{User music|Electronica}}
{{User music|Pop}}
{{Userbox Windows7}}
{{Userbox google chrome}}
{{User greeneyes}}
{{User brownhair}}

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Hello (or should I say 'Sul sul?'), I am Simboy10. Let's just start off quickly:

What I like doingEdit

I like playing The Sims 4 (2014 for PC) and Zoo Tycoon (2013 for Xbox 360). I like reading and writing and changing loads of things around to just I like them. Unfortunately, many of these things are put back where they are, and the place looks ugly again. I also like drinking cups of tea in front of my Xbox, while I play Minecraft. Right now I'm waiting for TU25, 1.7 and possibly 1.8 as to the PC/Mac Edition, to come out. I also like playing Five Night's at Freddy's (BTW, I can't get the proper version so I use a fan-made version which is 99.88% the same; [[1]] is the website.)

Cool Websites I like visitingEdit

Don't worry, the links aren't fakes, I shortened them with Google.

Five Night's at Freddy's Fan-Made Game

Animal Jam Wiki

Minecraft Wiki

Steam (Digital game store)

Free Royalty-Free Music (Not allowed to shorten this link)

For Cool Youtubers, visit This will take you to my Animal Jam profile page, where I've listed my fave YouTubers.


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