Hi! I'm SimAddict! Welcome to my userpage! =)

To all of you: Please refrain from EDITING THIS PAGE. Thanks to all of you for following the wiki's rules.:)

About meEdit

I am a Natural Cook, a Bookworm, a Workaholic, Neat, and Dramatic. I LOVE the following things:

1. Candy!

2. Chocolate!

3. Food! Mostly from Pampanga!

4. Cooking! And baking!

5. WARHEADS! (A really sour candy that makes you feel like your mouth is gonna explode for 40 seconds)

6. The Sims (that's probably why I'm here)

7. These users:

  • Guilherme Guerreiro - She inspired me to join this wiki. She is kind, and she is very helpful! That's why I like her so much! :)
  • LostInRiverview - He encouraged me not to be paranoid about vandals on this wiki. I thank him for that.
  • Auror Andrachome - Her main page always has a COOL Sim on it! :)
  • BobNewbie - His page is AWESOME!!!! I wish my page was like that! :0

Just a tiny note. Just because some of you who are on this mini section commented on my blog about my deleted blogs, that doesn't necessarily mean that I put you here just for that.

8. Eating (I'm probably fat because of this)

9. My family (why wouldn't I?)

10. America!! Cold OBSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

11. Classics like Phantasy Star (1989-1994), Super Mario (1985), Virtua Fighter (1996) and Darkstalkers (1994).

12. New games like Marvel vs. Capcom, The House of the Dead, Mega Man X and Mortal Kombat. Also Call of Duty.

I hate bullies and ugly Sims.

I hope I can get Mortal Kombat 9 this summer. I heard it's gonna be bloody and awesome!

How I play my gamesEdit

I cheat to get nice houses, and when I create Sims, I usually give ALL of them the same facial structure: same head and ears, same eyes, same lips, you name it.

I usually use these traits for all of them:

  • Natural Cook
  • Bookworm
  • Lucky
Trait Natural Cook
This user has the Natural Cook trait.
Trait Bookworm
This user has the Bookworm trait.
Trait Workaholic
This user has the Workaholic trait.
Trait Neat
This user has the Neat trait.
Trait Dramatic
This user has the Dramatic trait.

TL This user speaks Filipino at a native level.

EN- 5 This user speaks English at a professional level.
Simoleon This user uses kaching and motherlode.
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Honor Student
This user has/had good grades while in school.
Rude Guest
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
Male symbol This user is male.
Pancakes This user lets Sims eat Pancakes.
The Life of the Party
This user loves to party!
Flag philippines This user is from the Philippines.
Fav Electronica
The user's favorite music is electronica.
Fav Sushi
The user's favorite food is sushi.
Fav Red
The user's favorite color is red.
Carbed Up
This user likes to eat sweets.
This user likes coffee.
Family The user has the Family aspiration.
Gieke family This user is special in their own way!
I am the Greatest
This user is crazy!!
Cuddle Time
This user likes plush toys.


11/7/10 - I made my very first edit on the Film career track page on the Directing branch, so I'll continue adding more to it as soon as I get my sim promoted. :)

11/16/10 - I added my first few userboxes, and that's that. :)

11/21/10 - I just figured out how to align all of my userboxes together, like they are now. No need to tell me anymore, Auror. Thanks anyway! :)

12/10/10 - Bad news, Simmers. Exams are starting, so I'll have to stay inactive for a while. :(

12/12/10 - Even worse. Exams are already starting this week, so I may be inactive for a few days. :( I'll still try to go online though. :)

1/18/11 - Not really online as much, but during my trip to the US, I got a The Sims 3 Guide for the PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii. If any of you need help on the consoles, just let me know on my contact page. :)

2/5/11 - Feeling kinda scared right now... seeing all of the vandals who have been kicked out of the Wiki are freaking me out. :( It makes me paranoid just thinking about how to protect my userpage and my password. :0

2/5/11 - Also, in my game I've been getting a strange moodlet (I really don't know how to get it, but then again, why would I want it?) called Downtrodden. I seem to be getting it every time I order more than 2 drinks at the Bridgeport Sports Zone. It lasts for 2 hours, and your active Sim (the one you're controlling) walks really slowly, like dragging their legs and looking depressed. If anyone reads this, please look deeper into this rather unusual moodlet and tell me more about it on my talk page. Thanks! :)

2/5/11 - See that? I just added my User Photo! YAY!! No need to tell me anymore, Duskey. Thanks anyway! :)

Okay, so maybe I'm overdoing my news section today. Please bear with me, as I have been inactive for quite some time now.

2/10/11 - I removed the bit of news that LiR saw here. I just didn't like it around here.

Also, I just got The Sims 3: Outdoor Living Stuff last weekend. As soon as I finish installing it, I will send some info to an admin about it.

2/14/11 - I made Part 1 of my mini guide today! If you wanna see it, it's in my blog. Thanks! :)

3/3/11 - I can access The Sims Wiki during my recess and lunch time in school! Time is limited though, but I may be able to make some MINOR edits to some pages. See ya guys! :)

3/10/11 - I didn't know that internet talk wasn't allowed. For those of you who made a reminder about not doing so, thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure that it won't happen again. :)

Also, I think something's wrong with my profile pic. It won't flash properly, and therefore I can't see it. I'll probably change it. :)

3/13/11 - Must have caused a blog about my deleted blogs got a handful of responses from a few Simmers. I must be a little too, you know........strange? How would you put it? :(

Also, I won't be going to school tomorrow because the Grade 6 students will be using my classroom for the NAT or National Achievement Test. So I can probably use the time to make some edits. :)

Lastly, EXAMS! :(( They are coming so I might be inactive for the rest of the week. That is, unless I get exemptions for an early summer......hee hee! :)

3/17/11 - OMG!!!!! I got exempted from taking the ENGLISH and SOCIAL STUDIES TESTS NEXT WEEK!!! YAHOOOO!:))

I still don't know about Math, Filipino, Science and Chrsitian Living. I'm so nervous!!!!!! :(

3/20/11 - I got exempted in everything! I'll probably use the time to make edits. Cheers!! :P

3/29/11 - I made my first tutorial based on my Mixology blog today! :) I hope you guys like it!

Also, from April 4-9 I'll be attending a business program with my older bro. I'll be inactive for some time, but I'll try to go online before leaving the house. :)

Finally, I made 2 pages today. They are the Easy Mixology tutorial and the Tiberium page. Cheers! :P

3/30/11 - Hello, hello! Admins who just saw the wiki activity, this is important!!!!!! The edits to my page made by "A Wikia Contibutor" was actually me, I just forgot to log on!! Please don't remove or change anything please! Thanks! =)

6/4/11 - Hey, sorry I don't really come by here that often anymore. Anyway, I removed a couple of things from here, and added this post. That's all.

9/14/11 - Sorry for not coming around too much. I got The Sims 3: Generations from my uncle, and I can use the extra time on Friday after 10.45 AM to make some edits.

Also, my exams are around (again) so I'll obviously be out for a little while. I'll sneak in a little extra time tomorrow night to install it so that I can start right away.

11/4/11 - Help me please!! :(

I'm having a hard time with Daycare. Read my blog to learn more.

1/28/11 - (LATE) Happy new year, Simmers! WOO!!!! How are you all doing this new year? I hope all of you will enjoy this wonderful new year! :)

Oh yeah, I'll be having a field trip on Tuesday, so wish me luck! Bye!

4/17/12 - Hi Simmers!

I am apparently having a problem with updating my game. No matter how many times I have it update, it still doesn't work. Why? I also already have everything so far after Late Night, but my Sims 3 Profile is not linked to Origin. Could that be the problem too? I hope not. Anyone have a solution, please tell me. Thanks! :)

8/11/12 - Hey Simmers of the Wiki!

It seems like all I needed to do was create an Origin account. Haven't played in days! I'm lagging behind on the important Sims info. Anyway, that's about it. I'll see what I can do sooner.

Happy Simming! :)

3/18/13 - Howdy howdy, everyone. Sorry if I'm not online so often - I am very outdated with my computer games. Anyways, I need help.

You see, my game is bugged. As in very bugged. The issues I have so far include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) My Sim's character portrait in the small box suddenly turned into static. 2) Parts of the game screen suddenly turned static. You could still see the background and your sim, but the panel disappeared and static covered parts of it.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help. And if it's going to boost the "investigation", I only have everything until Showtime. Please help me if you can, as this bug is really getting into my nerves. Happy Simming!

3/19/13 - Interesting developments! I was exploring the Halls of the Lost Army as part of my adventure, and suddenly I found a STAR CUT Jade! If I can remember correctly, star cut isn't possible. If you have any info to share, I would appreciate it. Thanks, and Happy Simming! :)

5/9/13 - HELP! (ish) I don't have The Sims 2 Pets for PSP anymore, and I can'te remember something. Just to give you an idea, here is what I need help on:

Mira May

Varian Parker

Marsha Worthington

Penellope _______

Fill in the blank with Penellope's actual surname please. Thank you! Post results on my talk page.

UPDATE: Never mind - I got it. It's Penelope Arnold.

My Favorite Sims in The Sims 3Edit

1. Agnes Crumplebottom - Pretty much for the same reason why GG (as in Guilherme Guerreiro) likes her : she is pretty, her house is nice, and she has a view of part of Sunset Valley.

2. Emmy Starr - She is beautiful, and she has a lovely home.... it's only missing a hot tub.

3. Tiara Angelista - She is also beautiful, despite the fact that her freckles are hidden by her shades. She is also a starting mixologist.

4. William Fangmann

5. Alan Stanley

6. Rich Whelohff - He is FILTHY RICH, but he looks kinda nerdy.

My favorite Sims in The Sims 2Edit

1. Angela Pleasant - She does look pretty. Nothing wrong with that.

2. Lilith Pleasant - She is the Goth of the Pleasant household.

3. Alexandra O'Mackey

4. Alexander Goth - He is a really smart student, and he has a nice house.

5. Rose Greenman - She is a PlantSim. Nothing else.

6. Olive Specter - She is a POSSIBLE murderer, and the fact that her story is a mystery makes her a lot of fun.

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