Sul Sul! Everyone... I am Sense19, also known as Sense2001. Infinite2001. MMJJSense. 

Well... if you prefer, you can refer to me as Sense... Also i'm Pre-Teens.

I've been a fan of The Sims series since 2004 ... When i was 3...

Also.. I played SimCity4 and Sims Carnival, and I still own SimCity 4 and other Sim games on occasion.

In addition to Sim games, I also enjoy a Japanese Song.. a really super fast one...

For Example : Hatsune Miku No Gekishou

Usually.. i always play computer... You could've really call me an Computer-Addict-er [?]...

But... When not playing Computer or Sims, I read a book or Play PSP but...

Other than that... I do nothing 'xept for sleep and eat and go to school.

I also love to discuss the Theory... for everything in the sims.

Theory Ex. : Age - Ailen - Exlir of Life - Bella Disappearance - Alternate Universe.

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Those are the Best Sims EVER!...Edit

My Favorite Family... [And I Usually Addict to them]Edit

Theory Edit

  • Exlir of Life, if you over-used them.. you could get Green eye.
  • Sims as an NPC will never age.. till they married.
  • First Time travel has occur in Strange Town.
  • Katrina Caliente is Flamenco new Wife.. after nighat dead..
  • And Katrina is Nighat Sister/Twin
  • The Sims 1 is Universe Alpha [Universe A]
  • The Sims 2 is Universe Beta [Universe B]
  • The Sims 3/4 Considered as [Alternate universe]
  • Robert is agnes new Husband... then he died... again.. and Agnes is sad again and become Ms.Crumplebottom..g
  • if a household is left in a bin.. they will never age, Explain why Micheal is Adult in TS1
  • Another thing, Sims 3 - Sims 4 - Sims 1 - Sims 2 Official Storyline for me..
  • EA is a bad guy... and always be a money hungry
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