aka Shannon

  • I live in United States of America
  • I was born on February 20
  • I am Female

Random New Info

  1. I have decided to join the IRC, so you might find me there if you have any questions [(] (#wikia-sims). I use Schnetzka as my nickname.
  2. I will usually only update 'The Sims 2' fanons due my computer not liking 'The Sims 3' very well. BUT SOMETIMES I WILL UPDATE 'THE SIMS 3'!


!SCHNETZKA! (talk)


Schnetzka (CHAT WITH ME)

S C H N E T Z K A (Let's Chat)


Hi! I'm a frequent user on the sims wiki and I also enjoy the NCIS wiki, the Adele wiki, the Charmed wiki, and the Pretty Little Liars wikia. I'm the founder of the "Only Children" wiki, but I just started it. It will be a while before it looks like a really wiki. If you have any questions about me or anything else, please feel free to ask me! One big goal of mine is to become an administrator, in which would make my day. >_> (:) <_< I'm a member of and my username is "leffler" if you wanted to know. P.S. if looking me up don't put the quotation marks.

Future Projects

Due to my absence, the planned fan-fiction series was cancelled. Instead in either December or January, I'll release a couple separate fan-fictions.

(√ = Done)


I already wrote a 5-part series on the life of Jenni Jones-Brown and the Unborn baby Jones-Brown. Due to a delay, "Living One Day at a Time" was released on December 16.

List of Fan-Fictions

  1. Suddenly (Release Date: February 23, 2012)
  2. Life Style (Part 1) (Release Date: February 28, 2012)
  3. Life Style (Part 2) (Release Date: March 6, 2012)
  4. Life Style (Part 3) (Release Date: March 15, 2012)
  5. The Meeting of a Ghost (Release Date: April 5, 2012)
  6. Life Style (Part 4) (Release Date: May 26, 2012)
  7. Life Style (Part 5) (Release Date: June 6, 2012)
  8. The Life of Friends and Family [Poems] (Release Date: July 6, 2012)
  9. Living One Day at a Time (Release Date: December 16, 2012)

The Sims 4

I hope that The Sims 4 includes many of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 aspects and even more.

My Favorite Pages

My Favorite Sims

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