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{{FeatEditor|September 2015}}
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==About me==
Hello, my name is Sapphire Moondust, but you can just call me Sapphire. My username comes from my birthstone (Sapphire) and my love of astronomy (Moondust). I want to help out as much as I can since I love the Sims. I'm a rollback on this wiki. I love meeting new people, so please feel free to message me.
I started playing The Sims: Late Night in May 2015 and fell in love. I played it every chance that I got. I found this wiki and read the articles at first. In July, I decided to make an account and help out. I hope to help this wiki and be considered a great editor. I got several other expansion packs for The Sims 3 and then I finally bought The Sims 4 in August 2015. I hope to keep expanding my Sims collection every chance I get. Thanks for looking at my userpage!
*I'm very goal oriented. When I set my mind on something, I try my hardest to make it happen.
*My favorite food is pizza. My second favorite food is cupcakes.
*My favorite color is purple. My second favorite color is blue.
*I love helping people. It gives me a good sense of accomplishment when I help others.
*My favorite of the Sims series so far is The Sims 3: Late Night.
*I also love Star Wars, DC, Marvel and Transformers.
*I love to draw, even though I seriously started drawing in January of 2015.
*I love to swim. I could swim all day if I had the chance.
*My favorite animal is tigers. My second favorite animal is cats.
*I really love meeting new people. Even if it's just someone leaving a message of "Hi", I'll still love seeing it.
==Games I own==
*The Sims 3
*The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff
*The Sims 3 Late Night (love this game, play this one a lot)
*The Sims 3 Into the Future (lots of fun, especially if you are a bot fan)
*The Sims 4 (just now started this one, so I'll see how it is)
*<s>300 edits</s> - Completed on 07/22/2015
*<s>500 edits</s> - Completed on 07/24/2015
*<s>750 edits</s> - Completed on 07/27/2015
*<s>1,000 edits</s> - Completed on 07/30/2015
*<s>1,300 edits</s> - Completed on 08/05/2015
*<s>1,500 edits</s> - Completed on 08/07/2015
*<s>1,750 edits</s> - Completed on 08/23/2015
*<s>2,000 edits</s> - Completed on 08/29/2015
*<s>2,300 edits</s> - Completed on 09/4/2015
*2,500 edits
*2,750 edits
*3,000 edits
*To go through articles and correct what needs to be corrected
*Received Award from C.Syde65 on 07/29/2015 for hard work on the wiki
*Got rollback rights from k6ka on 08/23/2015
*Received a signature made just for me from Sims2Player on 08/30/2015
*Received the title of Featured Editor on 09/02/2015 for the month of September from C.Syde65
{{awards|award work|award notebook}}
==My Sandbox==
*[[User:Sapphire Moondust/Sandbox|Sapphire Moondust Sandbox]]

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