aka Sara

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Description Edit

Hello .Hi my name is Sara and im from Romania.I have sims3 the base game and another expansions.I wanna help that wiki so much!

Friends Edit

Traits ExplainedEdit

Ambitious= Big dreams!

Bookworm= I like in books, i read very much books

Childish= Im like a child!

Computer whiz= Computer, another life of me

Couch potato= I like the TV

Easily-impressed= I get in love very quickly!

Excitable= Yahoo!Yay!

Family- oriented= I love the children!

Genius= Good grades!

Evil= Im not really the evilest person but that is me >:)

Light-Sleeper= Oh brother, i hate that toilet!

Loves the outdoors= The trees,plants are my life so!

Lucky= I live in a cute world!

Adventurous= I travel a lot!

Shy= I get really embarassed :$

Nurturing= Check family-oriented!

Cat person= I like cats!I like Fluffy, my cat too!

Diva= Say a compliment to the rich and cute girl >:)

Night owl= I get in the bed at 00:00

Loves the cold= I love the cold. Only.

Pizza apreciator= Yum!

Irresistible= Im irresistible from my psychical features( check out,im a diva). I have guys who have crushes on me but, the elders and adults say im cute more than they.

Loves the Swim= Its like im born in the water! :D

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