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Hi Everyone who reads this! I'm RosieTheFangirl and this is what I think happened to Skip Broke. I know that this is partially solved, but consider me late to the mystery party! I brought chips of fact and dip of theory! First of all, we know that his death was no accident, so let's say someone pushed him in or got rid of the ladder. Who could it have been? There is a very small chance of it being Brandi or Dustin, but let's dive in to the hypotheticals of the situation. Say it was Brandi. The Skip that she married, Beau and Dustin's father, had the romance aspiration. As part of a storyline, he could've cheated on her, so she did away with him-or at least the ladder. However, you could say Dustin did it too. Maybe he was assigned it for his job. Or maybe the Pleasants and Brokes are the Monties and Capps of Pleasantveiw, and he was mad at his dad for not letting him be with Angela. Who Knows! Like I said, it's very unlikely Dustin or Brandi did it. Maybe, in reference to the hypothetical Broke/Pleasant feud, maybe it was Daniel. He probably thought he could get the love he deserved from Brandi, but Skip was an obsticle, so he did away with him, or at least the pool ladder. Let's say it wasn't murder though. The family isn't exactly rolling in the dough. Who knew not paying the bills could take a fatal turn? In this case, Skip's death was not an accident, but if it was anyone's fault, it was his or Brandi's for not paying the bills. Mistakes happen. However, my theory is just that-a theory. It was probably Maxis making fun of us for doing this ourselves to be honest. Well, let me know what ya'll think! 

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