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Hi. I'm Robbie Bland.

I registered here a few months ago because I over-love the Sims 3. I am playing Sims 3 for 2 years so far and I really enjoy it.

I rarely play with self created Sims because I prefer to play with premade Sims especially of Sunset Valley. I named my self Robbie Bland on the Sims wiki because I like when I get robbed in the game by him or Twyla Summers and then call Tia or Eugene to aprehend them. I made Twyla and Robbie have an evil child that inherited the burglar trait and now I like Robbie.

About meEdit

Watch my userboxes

Sunset ValleyEdit

I am one of the greatest fans of this neighbourhood. I know every trait and most of the favourites of the sims in that town. I know all the relations, all the lots, I know where the sims are employed and I know which relationships they have. I am a freak of Sunset Valley. I also know loads of stuff about the game itself like most of the opportunities and the skill challenges and more.

Other neighbourhoods did hardly interest me. The only town I like else is Lunar Lakes because there live many descendants of Sunset Valley sims like Christina Landgraab or other. I also like one family from Twinbrook. Its the Bayless family. They are adorable. ;)

That's all for now.


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