• I live in Finland
  • I was born on May 25
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

So, I come fron Finland, so I might have some... grammar errors or so. But I'll try my best to write well, hope you understand. And yes, I am in fact, a girl. For those who can't realize it without saying...

Now then, as I said, I come from around Finland, South-Finland to be exact. Finland is in Europe, for you people who have never even heard of it. (I bet some of you haven't. We're a shy country) I have played Sims since the first game. I remember being frustarated, when I didn't understand a word it told me, since I couldn't read. Later on, I went back to playing the old ones. We never had many TS1 expansion packs, only Unleashed, Makin' Magic and Vacation, if I remember right. It feels so very nostalgic to look back at it. Oh, the memories. The next game was Sims 2. I instanly fell in love with it, and actually collectet all the expansion packs, borrowed or bought them myself. Our computer, which had all the games and data form the past years, broke, and there went all the data and expansion packs we had saved. I felt sad, actually. My sister was angry. She had made a neighbourhood only consisting relatives. It was awesome. I also bought the Sims: Pets Stories. I liked that game, and always wanted to buy Castaway Stories after it, yet, I missed the realase date and never actually got it After all these games, I have TS3 and all the expansion packs till today. I really love the whole series, and I can't really say which game is my favorite. After reading the Sims Wiki, i felt like joining. There are so many mysteries and stories I have never heard of or noticed in the game. It just felt too exciting to walk by.

I also like to draw~ I might sometimes draw something about my own sims, if I'll ever create fanons.

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