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I make fanon and do some contributing when I get the chance.You can pretty much find out everything about me in those userboxes to the right, though there are like 100 of them. I went a little crazy.

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Fanon I've Created[edit | edit source]

Please note that all my fanon is very young, new content will be added with time.

The Random Legacy[edit | edit source]

Chapter I: The Early Days[edit | edit source]

The Random Household[edit | edit source]

Lita Samul[edit | edit source]
Germaine Ollie[edit | edit source]
Oliver Tim[edit | edit source]

Roman West

Paris Hillington[edit | edit source]
Cathy Cooke[edit | edit source]

The Plan for Fanon[edit | edit source]

The plan is to split the fanon into chapters, and chapters into parts. New parts will come out every Monday and Friday, while new chapters will come out when the storyline takes a major turn. On Wednsdays I plan to edit my Fanon to try and get it out of the 'Under Construction' phase.

EDIT: Once Summer comes, I plan on redoing all the pages and rebooting them all.

This Will Take a While[edit | edit source]

I'm sure not a lot of people care, (which I understand, I have done NOTHING) but I'm having trouble with school and personal stuff, so I will reboot my Fanon in the Summer, woo!

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