This is a list of all 72 (plus 11 hidden) Trait (The Sims 3)s in The Sims 3 and its expansion packs, with their descriptions. Babies and Toddlers get 2 traits, Children get 3 traits, Teens get 4 traits, and Young Adults and up get 5 traits.

Basic Traits

Basic Traits



Trait Absent-Minded
Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and occasionally forget what they are doing, or where they are going.
Trait Adventurous
Adventurous Sims enjoy travelling and exploration more than other Sims, are able to go on new trips sooner, and improve their Visa levels more quickly.
  • Sims will feel great when they travel in destinations for the first time.
  • Sim will want to go on Adventures more often.
  • Sim will gain Visa levels faster than other Sims.
  • Sims will be able to go on another trip sooner than other Sims.
  • Example of premade Sims that are adventurous: Ho Sung Kim, Sun Young Kim
Trait Ambitious
Ambitious Sims dream big and are more rewarded when their wishes are satisfied in life. They are driven to move up the corporate ladder more quickly, but fall prey to low mood if they don't quickly receive the promotion they desire.
Trait Angler
Anglers catch fish better than other Sims. They also like fishing more than anyone.
Trait Artistic
Artistic Sims are naturally gifted artists with a paint brush. They also make pretty good writers and musicians!
  • Sim builds the painting skill faster than other Sims.
  • Sim can learn to write and play the guitar faster than other Sims (although not to the same extent as the painting skill.)
  • Sim enjoys spending time at the Art Gallery.
  • Artistic Sims will autonomously interact with easels and guitars.
  • 'Talk about Art' social interaction is available.
  • Artistic Sims can Paint Stylized Still-Lives like Genius and Insane Sims.
  • Artistic Sims can Paint Somber Still-Lives at level 6 instead of 9.
  • Conflicts with: Can't Stand Art.
  • Examples of premade artistic Sims: Holly Alto, River McIrish, Betty Simovitch, Victoria Andrews, Emma Hatch, Bob Newbie, Sam Sekemoto, Billy Caspian
Trait Athletic
Athletic Sims are the best athletes in town. They can push themselves harder and longer than others, and will do so to feel the burn.
  • Sim can learn the Athletic skill faster than other Sims.
  • Sim won't get fatigued as quickly when working out.
  • Sim enjoys conversation about exercise.
  • 'Talk about Exercise' social interaction is available.
  • Athletic Sims get negative relationship points from listening to Sims complain about exercise.
  • First available at birth.

B Edit

Trait Bookworm
Bookworms have a passion for reading that surpasses their other desires. They also tend to become good writers.
  • Sim can read faster than other Sims, therefore gaining skills faster while reading skill books.
  • Sim has more fun reading than other Sims.
  • Sim can write higher quality novels than other Sims.
  • Bookworm Sims will write faster than other Sims.
  • Sim can finish homework faster.
  • Bookworm Sims get environmental boosts from being in a room containing a bookcase.
  • Examples of premade bookworms: Bebe Hart, Bob Newbie, Agnes CrumplebottomConstance Shelley, Connor Frio, Tragic Clown
Born Salesman/Saleswoman[TS3:A]
Trait Born Salesperson
Not only do Born Salespeople often sell their wares for more money than other Sims, they know the importance of a good reputation and can quickly build one at the consignment store.
  • Your Sim's item will generally sell for more at the consignment store.
  • Your Sim will build a reputation faster than other Sims when selling items at the consignment store.
  • You Sim is more likely than other Sims to get positive feedback at the consignment store.
Trait Brave
Brave Sims are fearless individuals that will fight fires, wrangle burglars and work to protect those around them.
  • Sim will never panic, even in emergencies.
  • Sim can handle any house fire easily.
  • Sim can handle burglaries without needing to rely on the police.
  • Sim can do better than others in the Military and Law Enforcement careers.
  • Brave Sims have better luck asking their bosses for raises.
  • Brave Sims will not be scared by ghosts, nor will they be disgusted by Simbots.
  • Brave Sims will not experience the "Creepy Graveyard" moodlet from visiting the cemetery at night.
  • Brave Sims will never get the "Fear" moodlet. [TS3:WA]
  • First available at birth.
  • SimBots always start with this trait[TS3:A]
  • Conflicts with: Coward, Loser.
  • Examples of premade brave Sims: Bella Bachelor, Gunther Goth, Mags Newbie, Roxie Lin, Erin Kennedy, Leighton Sekemoto

C Edit

Can't Stand Art
Trait Can't Stand Art
Sims that Can't Stand Art will never appreciate the latest masterpiece of expensive home decor. They are the anti-connoisseur.
  • Sim will detest any kind of art from paintings to sculptures...
  • Sim may get a "Can't Stand Art" moodlet when looking at art.
  • Sim will not enjoy talking about art.
  • Sim can complain about art.
  • Sim prefers living in a home with very little decoration.
  • Sim is excluded from the getting the "Decorated" moodlet and its related variations (Nicely Decorated, etc.)
  • Conflicts with: Artistic.
  • Examples of premade Sims that can't stand art: Beau Andrews, Trigger Broke, Travis McDermott, Luke McDermott, Erin Kennedy
Trait Charismatic
Your Sim gains charisma skill more quickly. Your Sim gets more out of relationships than other Sims.
  • Sim builds Charisma skill more quickly than other Sims.
  • Conversations with Charismatic Sims tend to be more successful.
  • Sim's conversation will never bore other Sims.
  • Sim will make friends faster than other Sims.
  • Charismatic Sims begin their lives with a charisma skill book in their inventories.
  • Charismatic Sims in the Political Career have more success asking for contributions.
  • Socializing at work has a greater effect on job performance.
  • First available for teens.
Trait Childish
Childish Sims find it difficult to 'act their age'. They love playing with children's toys, see things through the eyes of a child and need to be constantly entertained.
  • Sim can play with some children's toys, and has a great time with them.
  • Childish Sims can get environmental boosts from being surrounded by children's toys.
  • Sim will want to have fun more often than other Sims.
  • Childish Sims will become bored by conversations and repeated social interactions more easily.
  • Sim can fish in pools.
  • Childish Sims are not afraid of ghosts.
  • Sim will make faces at themselves in mirrors.
  • Sim will "Have a Blast" for 5 hours, like Toddlers and Children.
  • Sim will experience the "Cuddle Time" moodlet frem sleeping with a teddy bear in their inventory (usually exclusive to young Sims).
  • Conflicts with: Dislike Children.
  • Examples of premade childish Sims: Blair Wainwright, Gus Hart, Lolita Goth, Anabelle Oinkslopes, Madison VanWatson, Dorie Hart, Zelda Mae, VJ Alvi, Hope Carpenter
Trait Clumsy
Clumsy Sims muck up both precious and every day moments in life with shoddy footwork and poor planning. What else is there to say? Your Sim is Clumsy, and not so hot on their feet.
  • Examples of clumsiness include - nearly tripping on short stairs, tripping over nothing when attempting to move, dropping food, losing fish and dropping engagement rings during proposals.
  • Examples of premade clumsy Sims: Tragic Clown, Dustin Langerak, Constance Shelley, Buzz Rhodes
Commitment Issues
Trait Commitment Issues
Sims with Commitment Issues don't really want to settle down into a long-term relationship or a lifelong career. Marriage is out of the question!
  • Sim will need an extraordinarily high relationship with another Sim before they will feel comfortable committing to a relationship.
  • Sim may want to change career paths if they feel cooped-up in their current vocation.
  • Sim can "Fret over Committment" if involved in a committed relationship.
  • First available for teens.
  • Conflicts with: Hopeless Romantic.
  • Examples of premade Sims with commitment issues: Don Lothario, Xander Clavell, Pauline Wan, Lucille Spenster, Hank Goddard, Roxie Lin, Thornton Wolff
Computer Whiz
Trait Computer Whiz
Computer Whizzes love spending time on the computer. They are great at tinkering with computers and can even make money as a hacker if they choose.
  • Sim can hack on the computer at night to earn money.
  • The more a Sim hacks, the better their hacking skill and the more money they will earn.
  • Sim has more fun playing computer games than other Sims.
  • Sim makes friends more easily over the computer.
  • Sim will improve their understanding of logic faster than normal when playing chess on the computer.
  • 'Talk about Computers' social interaction is available.
  • Sim can overclock computers.
  • Conflicts with: Technophobe.
  • Examples of premade Computer Wizards: Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Boyd Wainwright, Susan Wainwright, Heathcliff Baker
Couch Potato
Trait Couch Potato
Your Sim is very happy while relaxing on a couch. Your Sim gets a lot fun from watching TV. Your Sim likes to sleep longer. Your Sim will resist exercise at all costs!
  • Sim's 'Comfortable' moodlet will be double.
  • Sim gets more fun from watching TV than other Sims.
  • Sim needs to sleep longer.
  • Couch Potatos can discuss about favorite television shows with other Sims.
  • Sim will not exercise unless they are in a very good mood.
  • Conflicts with: Athletic, Technophobe, Disciplined.
  • Examples of premade couch potatoes: Vadim Simovitch, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Beau Andrews, Boyd Wainwright, Susan Wainwright, Iqbal Alvi
Trait Coward
Cowards are terrified of everything that can and will go bump in the night. They are scared of the dark and will frequently faint in 'dire' situations.
  • Sim gets the negative moodlet 'Afraid of the Dark' when in the dark, which is more negative than 'It's Dark'.
  • Sim doesn't like being pushed around by mean Sims.
  • Sim will receive a negative 'Scared' moodlet when any of the following occur - burglary, ghost appearance, fire, Grim Reaper appearance and Horror TV.
  • 'Run Away' interaction is available.
  • Cowardly Sims may faint when they have the 'Scared' moodlet.
  • Sim will run away from Evil Sims who have acquired the Red Glow.
  • Sim will often lose at fight, and run away.
  • Conflicts with: Brave, Daredevil.
  • Examples of premade cowards: Jocasta Bachelor, Prudence Crumplebottom, Simon Crumplebottom, Gretle Goth, Shirley Lin

D Edit


Daredevil Your Sim lives on the edge, and can take many things to the extreme!

  • Many activities have 'Extreme' variations for Daredevil Sims, although they are no different from regular activities.
  • Daredevils will receive an 'Adrenaline rush' moodlet after performing 'Watch This' social interaction.
  • Sim loves fire but can extinguish it quickly in an emergency.
  • Daredevils take 3 hours (instead of the normal hour) to die in a fire.
  • Conflicts with: Coward.
  • Examples of premade daredevils: Iliana Langerak, Tamara Donner, Molly French, Christopher Steel, Luke McDermott
Disciplined Sims do not fool around. They have the dedication and perseverance to become the best martial artists in town.
  • Sim can learn the Martial art skill faster than other Sims.
  • Sim is the happiest when practicing Martial Arts.
  • Sim has a better chance of beating competitors when sparring.
  • Disciplined Sims don't like playing video or computer games.
  • Conflicts with: Couch Potato.
Dislikes Children

Trait Dislikes Children Sims that dislike children do not want to have anything to do with children. No talking, no playing and certainly no reproduction.

  • Sim does not enjoy being on lots with children.
  • Sims that dislike children will react negatively to talking about children.
  • Sim will often reject social interactions from children.
  • Sim will be able to "Shoo" children.
  • Sim will get a negative moodlet whenever socializing with children or holding babies.
  • Conflicts with: Childish, Family Oriented.
  • Examples of premade Sims who dislike children: Thornton Wolff, Lawrence Lum, Odin Crosby, Nida Khan
Trait Dramatic
Everyday situations in life deeply stir the imagination, emotions, and reactions of Dramatic Sims.
  • Dramatic sims enjoy extra mood boosts when good things happen to them.
  • They respond with great enthusiasm to major, positive life events like marriage, or having a child.
  • Dramatic sims receive negative moodlets when undertaking menial tasks, such as taking out the trash.
  • Dramatic sims are more likely to end a relationship during an argument.
  • Dramatic sims will slap any sim that insults them.
  • Dramatic sims can "Fake Passing Out" when clicked on. When this option is used, the sim will drop to the floor and sleep for several minutes.

E Edit

Easily Impressed
Trait Easily Impressed
Easily impressed Sims are easily astounded by everyday stories and are always pleased with the smallest of accomplishments.
  • Sim is impressed by just about everything, especially other Sims.
  • Easily impressed Sims are more receptive to 'Boast about...' interactions than normal.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Snob (though, unlike most conflicting Traits, Snobs and Easily Impressed Sims usually get along very well, since the Easily Impressed Sim wants to give compliments and the Snob wants to receive them).
  • Examples of premade easily impressed Sims: Holly Alto, Zelda Mae, Gus Hart, Hannah Jones, Vadim Simovitch, Erik Darling, Aiden Jones
Trait Eccentric
Eccentric Sims have a natural ability when it comes to inventing crazy gizmos and whachamacalits.
  • Eccentric Sims learn the Inventing skill faster.
  • Inventors will benefit more with this trait.
  • Your Sim will be faster at making discovered inventions.
  • Your Sim will have a higher chance of making Improved Widgets.
Trait Eco-Friendly
Eco-Friendly Sims prefer a lifestyle of energy consumption, recycling and sustainable eating.
  • Sim is happy when sharing a car with other Sims (and unhappy when going alone)
  • Eco-Friendly Sims eat only special Bio food.
  • Sim takes shorter showers than others.
  • Sim doesn't like cheap appliances, because they spend too much energy (washing machine, drying machine...)
  • Sims automatically ride a Bike
  • Examples of premade eco-friendly sims :Greenwood family, Gala Ball, Buddy Bailey.

Trait Evil
Evil Sims love the dark, take great delight in the misfortune of others and prefer to lead a life of as far away from goodness as possible.
  • Sim will get a "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet when misfortune strikes nearby Sims!
  • Sim doesn't mind a lack of light, A dark lair is welcome!
  • Sim will excel in the criminal Career track.
  • Sim will fare well in most fights.
  • Sim will laugh when another Sim dies!
  • Sim can Steal candy from newborns and Toddlers
  • Other Sims will be cautious around evil Sims once the trait is discovered, 'Good' or Sims on the Law career track especially so.
  • Sim can donate to undermine charities once a day by clicking on the mailbox.
  • Sim can do many things with an evil twist, such as "Wash Hands with Evil Soap", or "Read Something Maniacal."
  • Sim can acquire a Red Glow on reaching the top of the Criminal track. The glow terrifies Cowardly Sims, disgusts Good Sims, and delights other Evil Sims.
  • Sim has a keen interest in death, as they will often have wishes to visit the graveyard, see a ghost, or see the ghost of a living Sim.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Good.
  • Examples of premade evil Sims: Vita Alto, VJ Alvi, Shallow Family,Marigold Racket,Max Racket.
Trait Excitable
Your Sim will cheer for and be excited about doing the basic things in life. Yay! Wooo!

F Edit

Trait Family-Oriented
Family-Oriented Sims make great parents. They have big families and enjoy being surrounded by their children.
  • Sim's interactions with family members will have better results.
  • Sim is better at teaching toddlers life basics, like learning how to walk and talk.
  • Expect the Sim to want to have kids and grand-kids.
  • Sims have better starting relationships with family members.
  • 'Talk about Family' social interaction is available.
  • If there's children on the lot, Family-Oriented Sims can "Coo Over Children" with other adult Sims.
  • Sim writes better children's books than others.
  • First available at childhood.
  • Conflicts with: Dislike Children.
  • Examples of premade family-oriented Sims: Nick Alto, Morgana Wolff, Geoffrey Landgraab, Alana Churchill, Opal Suarley, Hannah Jones, Gus Hart, Miraj Alvi
Trait Flirty
Your Sim can flirt with Sims early in a relationship. Your Sim's flirts will be accepted much more often! Your Sims is particularly gifted of giving massages!
Trait Friendly
Friendly Sims smile frequently at others and are quick to make friends.
  • Sim's friendly social interaction are accepted more often.
  • Friendly Sims make friends faster than other Sims.
  • Friendly Sims will default to friendly interactions when acting autonomously.
  • Sim is a good listener, even when others repeat themselves.
  • Friendly Sims will have the desire to become best friends with their enemies.
  • Friendly Sims can use the "Get to Know" interaction on Sims they've recently met. This works like normal Chatting but has a higher chance of revealing a Sims' traits.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Mean Spirited.
  • Examples of premade friendly Sims: Michael Bachelor, Victor Goth, Shirley Lin, Aiden Jones, Erik Darling, Christopher Steel
Trait Frugal
Frugal Sims love to clip coupons to save money, relish a good deal and hate being wasteful.
  • Sim can clip coupons from the newspaper for deals at the store.
  • Sim will receive a "Got A Good Deal" moodlet when using coupons at the store.
  • Sim also really enjoys buying things that are on sale.
  • Frugal Sims get negative moodlets when purchasing expensive household objects.
  • Frugal Sims will give less to other Sims asking for campaign donations.
  • Frugal Sims will often autonomously turn off the lights in the house, which lowers bills.
  • Examples of premade frugal Sims: Gunther Goth, Simis Bachelor, Agnes Crumplebottom, Thornton Wolff, Leighton Sekemoto, Stiles McGraw, Ginny McDermott

G Edit

Trait Genius
Geniuses are logical thinkers, masters of chess and excellent hackers. They savor pursuits of the mind.
  • Sim will learn the Logic skill much faster than other Sims.
  • Sim enjoys playing chess and will improve at it quickly.
  • Sim can solve crazy mathematical problems on the computer for cash.
  • Genius Sims will do better at Law Enforcement, Science and Medical careers.
  • Genius Sims will autonomously 'Contemplate' their surroundings.
  • Genius Sims can earn money every 20 minutes while Hacking, instead of every 30 minutes.
  • Genius Sims can create pixelized paintings using Paint Stylized Still-Life.
  • Genius Sims can initiate 'Deep Conversations' at any point in a relationship and they enjoy them more.
Trait Good
Good Sims go out of their way to help friends and family in need, are charitable with their money and frequently conduct those around them.
  • Sim can donate to charities once a day by clicking on the mailbox.
  • Sim doesn't even consider doing mean interactions to other Sims.
  • Sim gives other Sims the 'Comforted' moodlet when doing a friendly social interaction with them.
  • Good Sims will not have negative reactions to social interactions as often as other Sims.
  • Good Sims can use 'Brighten Day' which cause the target get 'Brighten Day' moodlet.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Evil.
  • Sim can Scold other Sims that are in the Criminal Career.
  • Examples of premade good Sims: Bella Bachelor, Holly Alto, River McIrish, Betty Simovitch, Hannah Jones, Connor Frio, Justine Keaton, Miraj Alvi, Svetlana Baker, Heathcliff Baker
Good Sense of Humor
Trait Good Sense of Humor
Sims with a good sense of humor tell the best jokes that never fail or fail to entertain.
  • Other Sims laugh at the Sim's jokes more often.
  • Sim will be more receptive to other Sims' jokes.
  • Sim's jokes strengthen relationships more than normal.
  • Sims will have a greater starting relationship with other Sims.
  • Conflicts with: No Sense of Humor.
  • Examples of premade Sims with a good sense of humor: Emma Hatch, Geoffrey Landgraab, Rhett Funke, Roxie Lin, Trigger Broke
Great Kisser
Trait Great Kisser
Great kissers kiss better than any other Sims. They give kisses that are not easily forgotten.
Green Thumb
Trait Green Thumb
Green-thumbs are the best gardeners. They find solace and comfort amongst their garden and can revive plants in the worst of conditions.
Trait Grumpy
Grumpy Sims are rarely in a good mood. It's quite difficult to make them happy because they simply don't want to be happy.
  • Sim will usually get sad before getting angry or uncomfortable.
  • It's more difficult to get the Sim into a good mood.
  • On the computer Grumpy Sims have the option to "Troll on Forums". This will eventually result in a positive moodlet.
  • Sim doesn't like boast about something, or enthuse about something.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Excitable, Hot Headed.
  • Examples of premade grumpy Sims: Mortimer Goth, Roxie Lin, Tragic Clown, Agnes Crumplebottom, Cornelia Goth, Gunther Goth, Melvin Taft, Buster Clavell

H Edit

Trait Handy
Handy Sims are the best tinkerers. They will never fail when repairing or upgrading a household item which makes electrical objects far less dangerous!
  • Sim will always succeed when repairing or upgrading objects.
  • Sim learns the Handiness skill more quickly than other Sims.
  • When the Sim repairs an object, it has a lower risk of breaking again.
  • Handy Sims begin their lives with a handiness skill book in their inventories.
  • Examples of premade handy Sims: Simis Bachelor, Fiona McIrish, Holden Wozny
Hates the Outdoors
Trait Hates the Outdoors
Sims that hate the outdoors despise being outside and will always remain indoors whenever possible.
  • When outside, the Sim will receive the "Plagued By Nature" moodlet and their mood will drop.
  • Sim does not receive "Beautiful Lot" moodlets.
  • Sim prefers to do indoor activities.
  • Sim will never get the 'Stir Crazy' moodlet, so they never have to leave the house.
  • Sim will get a desire to 'Go Indoors' whenever they're outside for more then a few seconds. Repeatedly fulfilling this wish by going outside and inside constantly is a good way to earn Lifetime Happiness points.
  • Conflicts with: Loves The Outdoors.
  • Examples of premade Sims who hate the outdoors: Laurel Grisby
Heavy Sleeper
Trait Heavy Sleeper
Heavy Sleepers will sleep through any situation, no matter how loud or alarming. They also tend to snore.
Hopeless Romantic
Trait Hopeless Romantic
Hopeless romantics passionately seek their soul mate. They want romance, true love and surround themselves with cheesy romantic television and novels.
Trait Hot-Headed
Hot headed Sims are quick to anger. Broken household items, conversations gone awry or even the slightest negative moodlet will all send them into a boiling rage.
  • Sim will bypass getting sad or uncomfortable and just get really mad.
  • Objects breaking, other Sims not being nice and other negative moodlets can enrage this Sim.
  • Sim will react badly to negative social interactions.
  • Negative moodlets on the Sim related to anger would be 50% more effective.
  • Conflicts with: Grumpy.
  • Examples of premade hot-headed Sims: Don Lothario, Rhoda Bagley, Claire Ursine, Tamara Donner, Justine Keaton, Xander Clavell
Trait Hydrophobic
Hydrophobic Sims are terrified of swimming. They loathe every second they have to spend in the pool.
  • Sim will get a negative moodlet whenever forced to swim.
  • Sim doesn't like exploring Dive Wells. [TS3:WA]
  • Sim will not appreciate baths as much as other Sims.
  • Sim is excluded from the "Duck Time" moodlet.
  • Hydrophobic Sims cannot drown.
  • SimBots always start with this trait[TS3:A]
  • Examples of premade hydrophobic Sims: Nick Alto, Tragic Clown, Gretle Goth

I Edit

Trait Inappropriate
Inappropriate Sims talk about the wrong thing at the wrong time, never think to dress properly, and never think to apologize when they've wronged someone. They enjoy mocking others with harsh words.
  • Sim can more easily insult other Sims.
  • Sim sometimes doesn't always dress properly for all occasions.
  • Sim can try to kiss, tickle or even propose marriage when other Sims wouldn't dare.
  • Sim has a special "Make Fun Of" interaction on other Sims.
  • Inappropriate Sims can rummage through other Sims' garbage.
  • Inappropriate Sims cannot apologize.
  • Inappropriate Sims can "Knock Over" neighbors' garbage cans.
  • Sim has the "Sponge Bath" option with sinks which will enable them to bathe anywhere where there is a sink (and generally offend everybody in the room for being naked)
  • Sim can "Talk About Other" if a third party is present.
  • Examples of premade inappropriate Sims: Lisa Bunch, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Simis Bachelor, Xander Clavell, Jared Frio, Beau Andrews, VJ Alvi, Billy Caspian
Trait Insane
Insane Sims respond to events in life unpredictably. They say what they want, do what they want and even wear what they want. Even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else.
  • When choosing clothes, the Sim can pick inappropriate attire.
  • Insane Sims can fish in swimming pools.
  • Sim's response to a marriage proposal will be random and not based on relationship level.
  • Insane Sims are not affected by ghosts.
  • Insane Sims can talk to themselves for social mood benefits, and to alleviate the 'Lonely' moodlet.
  • Insane Sims can create distorted paintings using Paint Stylized Still-Life.
  • Insane Sims will autonomously sit on a toilet or in a bathtub without using it.
  • First available at birth.
  • Examples of premade insane Sims: Gus Hart, Dorie Hart, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, Hunter Cottoneye

K Edit

Trait Kleptomaniac
Kleptomaniacs 'accidentally' end up with things owned by others. They often 'permanently borrow' items from work, school or even their neighbor's homes!

L Edit

Light Sleeper
Trait Light Sleeper
Light sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the slightest bump in the night.
  • Sims' sleep is a bit restless and easily disturbed.
  • Sim is like a burglar alarm! If a robber ever steps on the lot when while asleep, the Sim will be up in a flash.
  • Light sleepers receive the "Fully Rested" moodlet less often.
  • Light sleepers are easily awoken by music, children and other noises.
  • Can "Research Sleep" on computers (has no benefit.)
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Heavy Sleeper.
  • Examples of premade light sleepers: Stiles McGraw, Judy Bunch, Topher Baker, Lily Lum, Victor Goth
Trait Loner
Loners enjoy time spent alone more than time spent with others. Quite shy, they will never approach anyone that isn't a close friend. They prize their solitude and get nervous around large groups.
Trait Loser
Losers encounter woe and misfortune throughout their lives beginning with school and continuing into their careers. They will fail and fail often. They won't get mad even when life falls apart. They'll just cry.
  • Sim has been dealt a bad hand in life... don't expect things to go well! (lower success rates in everything and more likely to receive a negative event at work/school. Opportunities are more difficult.)
  • Sim cannot be killed by anything but old age.
  • Loser Sims complain more in conversation.
  • Loser Sims are less likely to win games
  • Loser Sims will get more potent "Winner" moodlets when they manage to win games.
  • Conflicts with: Brave, Charismatic.
  • Examples of premade losers: Gobias Koffi, Dorie Hart
Loves the Outdoors
Trait Loves the Outdoors
These Sims love spending time outdoors and find a special joy amidst nature that others do not.
  • Sim is always in a better mood when outside.
  • Outdoor Sims can pine for the outdoors if they spend too long inside.
  • They get 'One with Nature' positive moodlet (+20) when they stay outside for 15 minute until they go back indoor.
  • They will get the 'Stir Crazy' negative moodlet (-15) when stay in the house for about a week.
  • Sim can perform outdoor skills such as Fishing and Gardening better than most other Sims.
  • Outdoor Sims perform better in Athletic, Science and Military careers.
  • "Talk about Outdoors" social interaction is available.
  • First available at birth.
  • Conflicts with: Hates the Outdoors
  • Examples of premade Sims who love the outdoors: Geoffrey Landgraab, Michael Bachelor, Eileen Remington, Stiles McGraw, Ginny McDermott
Trait Lucky
Lucky Sims are closely followed through life with a comforting sense of luck. They win often and they win big.

If a Lucky Sim has 4+ hours of sleep they will awake with the "Feeling Lucky" moodlet.

  • Sim is less likely to burn food, break objects or get robbed.
  • Sim is more likely to get raises at work and to get good results from career events.
  • Lucky Sims are more likely to win when playing games.
  • Conflicts with: Unlucky.
  • Examples of premade lucky Sims: Bella Bachelor, Gwen Glover, Becky Baker, Nadine Ivanov, Maximus McDermott

M Edit

Mean Spirited
Trait Mean Spirited
Mean Sims love to fight, mostly because they never lose in a brawl. They take satisfaction with every new enemy made and dream of new ways to be nasty to others.
  • More enemies means a better mood for the Sim.
  • Sim always wins fights.
  • Mean Spirited Sims will autonomously use negative social interactions more than other Sims.
  • On the computer Mean Spirited Sims have the option to "Troll on Forums". This will eventually result in a positive moodlet.
  • Conflicts with: Friendly.
  • Examples of premade mean Sims: Nick Alto, Lily Lum, Hunter Cottoneye, Jared Frio
Trait Mooch
Moochers can mooch food and money from their neighbors who for the most part just go along with it.
  • Sim can mooch cash and food directly off other Sims.
  • When visiting other Sims' lots, the Sim can mooch food from the host's fridge!
  • Other Sims may not respond well to the Sim's mooching.
  • Mooching Sims can "Have Snacks on neighbors" lots.
  • Mooching Sims have related social interactions available.
  • Examples of premade mooches: Tamara Donner, Becky Baker, Xander Clavell, Flat Broke

N Edit

Natural Cook
Trait Natural Cook
Natural Cooks are able to kick any dish up a notch, making their food the most delicious to eat. They learn to cook more quickly than others, and never burn down the kitchen in the process!
  • Learn the cooking skill faster than other Sims.
  • Natural Cooks begin their lives with a cooking skill book in their inventories.
  • Easily make higher quality food.
  • Will never burn food or cause a fire when cooking.
  • Eating food on other lots can cause this Sim to learn the recipe for that food (certain level of skill required to learn it).
  • Natural Cooks can talk about cooking.
  • Examples of premade natural cooks: Emma Hatch, Mags Newbie, Saffron Smith, Jared Frio, Christopher Steel, Aiden Jones
Trait Neat
Neat Sims always find time to clean, regardless of their mood. They are easily devastated by filthy surroundings, but will never leave a mess behind.
  • Automatically cleans up messes they have made.
  • Has fun while cleaning.
  • Objects cleaned by a Neat Sim will be cleaner than normal.
  • Can clean even while being in a bad mood.
  • Neat Sims will have more potent negative moodlets from being in dirty rooms.
  • Neat Sims have "Clean House" interaction which will cause the Sim to clean the whole house like a maid.
  • Conflicts with: Slob.
  • Examples of premade neat Sims: Kaylynn Langerak, River McIrish, Cornelia Goth, Jane Dotner, Skip Broke, Stiles McGraw
Trait Neurotic
Neurotic Sims will freak out at the most minor of provocations. They can become stressed easily and can be difficult to mellow. Luckily they take solace in sharing their worries with others.
  • These Sims often can't quite get a grip on life.
  • Use the "Freak Out" interaction on self. Other Sims will be disturbed but the Neurotic Sim will become tranquil.
  • It takes a while for the Sim to relax but they can "Share Worries" with other Sims to help relax.
  • Can "Talk About Conspiracies" with other Sims.
  • Worries about leaving sinks, ovens, and other such objects running. They can "Check" these things to begin "Feeling Calm" about them for a few hours.
  • Sometimes, after interacting with certain objects, the Sim might get a "Feeling Anxious About Object" moodlet. This goes away after a few hours but it can be alleviated immediately by Checking the object.
  • They often obsess over their hygiene. They often desire to make their beds, clean dishes, bathe, and even wash their hands or brush their teeth repeatedly a number of times.
  • Examples of premade neurotic Sims: Simis Bachelor, Yumi Sekemoto, Hunter Cottoneye, Boyd Wainwright, Iqbal Alvi, Constance Shelley, Hope Carpenter, and Marty Keaton.
Never Nude
Trait Never Nude
Never Nudes despise nudity and will never, ever, completely remove all of their clothing.
No Sense of Humor
Trait No Sense of Humor
Sims with no sense of humor tell horrible jokes so they tend to not tell them. They also don't enjoy the jokes of others. Humor is simply wasted on them.
  • Sim doesn't really enjoy jokes very much.
  • Sims doesn't respond well to humorous social interactions.
  • Sims have interactions like "Ramble Endlessly" and "Share Trivia", which bore ordinary Sims but delight others with no sense of humor.
  • Sims have "Bore To Death" interaction that make other Sims pass out for a moment after they have the interaction.
  • Sims with no sense of humor can have a blast for 15 hours instead of 8.
  • This trait is not yet discovered by family members.
  • Conflicts with: Good Sense Of Humor.
  • Examples of premade Sims with no sense of humor: Bessie Clavell, Shirley Lin, Tori Kimura, Iqbal Alvi, Ginny McDermott

O Edit

Trait Over-Emotional
Your Sim finds the most beautiful joy in many things, and often cries to express delight!

P Edit

Party Animal
Trait Party Animal
Party animals love to party, and others love to party with them. When a party animal hosts a party, everyone comes and has a great time. Woo!
  • Anyone the Sim invites to a party will attend!
  • Guests attending the Sims parties are more likely to bring gifts!
  • Sim has the "Woo!" interaction during parties, which will result in positive moodlets if successful.
  • If idle around a bar, the Sim will slam down drink after drink.
  • Sim loves to dance at the stereo.
  • Party Animals have more dancing animations than other Sims.
  • Conflicts with: Loner.
  • Examples of premade party animals: Zelda Mae, Jared Frio, Xander Clavell, Jamie Jolina, Molly French, Pauline Wan
Perceptive [TS3:A]
Trait Perceptive
Perceptive Sims make keen Investigators. Their ability to investigate and stakeout potential criminals is bar none.
  • Sim will earn more money from completed Investigator assignments.
  • Sim will build the Logic Skill more quickly.
  • Sim will have a higher chance of encountring crime on stakeouts.
  • Sim will learn traits of other Sims more quickly through socializing.
  • Conflicts with: Absent Minded.
  • Examples of premade sims that are perceptive:Anna-Liza Riddle, Dudley Racket
Trait Perfectionist
Perfectionists spend more time cooking, writing or even painting, but what they eventually finish is noticeably better than something created by other Sims. Perfectionists accept nothing shy of perfection.
  • Sim does most things better than other Sims, but sometimes it just takes a bit longer.
  • Sim can paint higher quality paintings, prepare higher quality food, write better novels and do homework better.
  • Painting, writing, and cooking take longer than usual.
  • Perfectionists always do neat actions automatically, such as making their beds after waking up or cleaning their dirty dishes after eating.
  • Perfectionists can point out the flaws of less perfect Sims in conversation.
  • Examples of premade perfectionists: Kaylynn Langerak, Robert Newbie, Justine Keaton, Yumi Sekemoto, Judy Bunch, Thornton Wolff
Photographer's Eye[TS3:WA]
Trait Photographer's Eye
Sims with the Photographer's Eye naturally learn photography more quickly than other Sims and tend to earn more Simoleons for the photos they take!
  • Sim's photographs will tend to be more worth than the photos of other Sims.
  • Sim will improve their Photography skill much faster than other Sims.
  • Sim can discuss Photography with other Sims.

S Edit

Savvy Sculptor[TS3:A]
Trait Savvy Sculptor
Savvy Sculptors know the ins and outs of sculpting masterpieces. These Sims never fail at making the best sculptors.
  • Savvy Sculptors learn the Sculpting skill faster.
  • Sculptors will benefit more with this trait.
  • Savvy Sculptors never shatter a statue when sculpting
  • Savvy Sculptors never behead topiary sculptures.
Trait Schmoozer
Schmoozers are really good at befriending co-workers and sucking up to their bosses. They are great at navigating the corporate landscape.
Trait Slob
Slobs constantly leave messes in their wake. To make matters worse, they won't offer to pick up or clean! Luckily common filth won't offend their senses.
  • Sim makes messes, but that's just fine. The Sim won't feel any differently about the surroundings...
  • Sim cannot gain the Dirty, Filthy, or Vile surroundings moodlets. They can become Grungy or Smelly, but with no negative affect on their own mood
  • Sim can lick a plate clean to satisfy hunger.
  • Sim will have no problem eating spoiled or burnt food! It's good.
  • Objects used by Slob Sims get dirtier more often.
  • Conflicts with: Neat.
  • Examples of premade slobs: Parker Langerak, Molly French, Sandi French, Buck Broke, Boyd Wainwright, Dustin Langerak, Beau Andrews, Dimitri Ivanov, Billy Caspian
Trait Snob
Snobs are very hard to impress though they love hearing about themselves and will never turn down a compliment. They dream of owning only the finest things and being associated with the highest echelon of neighborhood Sims.

T Edit

Trait Technophobe
Technophobe Sims hate television. They will never watch television except in dire circumstances and will always look for an alternative source of entertainment.
  • Sim won't have any fun while watching TV.
  • Sim is a bit scared of using a computer.
  • Sim has the ability to sabotage electronics!
  • Sim will smash any electronics they see to pieces, much to the horror of the household they are visiting.
  • Technophobe Sims are bad at repairing electrical appliances.
  • Technophobe Sims have to work harder to improve the writing skill than other Sims.
  • Conflicts with: Computer Whiz, Couch Potato.
  • Examples of premade technophobes: Bebe Hart, Lydia Remington, Erin Kennedy, Bennie Dean, Yuri Ivanov, Tatiana Ivanov

U Edit

Trait Unflirty
Unflirty Sims do not appreciate the romantic advances of others and will be difficult to woo. It's not that they don't want to love, just that it's difficult for them.
Trait Unlucky
Things rarely go right for unlucky Sims. They often lose at everything they touch. Though some do take pity on their misfortune...
  • Sim is more likely to have bad things happen... fire, burglaries, losing, "repairing" objects.
  • When everything is lost there's nothing to lose. This Sim's got nothing to lose.
  • The Grim Reaper will revive Unlucky Sims that die from anything other than old age, as he "feels sorry" for him or her. In this way, Unlucky sims cannot die from anything other than old age, like Loser sims.
  • If an Unlucky Sim has 4+ hours of sleep they will wake up with the "Feeling Unlucky" moodlet.
  • Whilst under the influence of the "Feeling Unlucky" moodlet, Sims are more likely to lose games, burn food and cause fires.
  • Conflicts with: Lucky.
  • Examples of premade unlucky Sims: Irene Funke, Darlene Bunch, Susie Broke, Flo Broke

V Edit

Trait Vegetarian
Vegetarian Sims never choose to eat meat, and doing so causes them to quickly become ill.
  • Sim will learn vegetarian alternatives to common meat dishes when practicing the Cooking skill!
  • Vegetarian Sims live longer than other Sims.
  • Vegetarian Sims who eat meat will gain the negative "Nauseous" moodlet.
  • Sim can "Complain about Meat".
  • Examples of premade vegetarians: Holly Alto, Fiona McIrish, Lydia Remington, Hannah Jones
Trait Virtuoso
Virtuosos have a natural gift with musical instruments and are often considered the best musicians. As such, they earn more as musicians when playing for tips and learn more quickly.
  • Sim can learn the Guitar skill at a faster pace than most Sims.
  • Sim gets more tips and cash from playing at venues because others love the Sim's music.
  • Virtuoso Sims can be caught singing in the shower.
  • Sim learns a master track upon mastering the guitar skill,without completing required challenges.
  • Examples of premade virtuoso Sims: Betty Simovitch, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, Jamie Jolina

W Edit

Trait Workaholic
Workaholics love to work and rarely become stressed from working. Their mood suffers when they miss work, but they are able to make it up by working from home. Workaholics make the best employees.
  • Sim is more successful at asking for promotions and raises.
  • Sim gets less stressed from working and even gets the "Likes Work" moodlet.
  • Workaholics get stressed when they are not at their work lot during their working hours.
  • Sim can work from home on the computer, and check on work via their phones.
  • Workaholic Sims have fun doing homework, and do it faster.
  • Sim wouldn't like making fun of work.
  • Workaholic Sims do not get the wish to retire when they age into elders.

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