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About MeEdit

My Favorite PagesEdit

  • Bridgeport , because it is an amazing city, but I don't have The Sims 3 Late Night, but from what I saw here on the wiki, I liked Bridgeport in time.

My Favorite SimsEdit

  • Julienne Knack.  She is a Ambitions Sim, and I don't not know why I like her, but I think she is pretty, but her lifetime wish does not match to her, I think.
  • Bella Goth. Almost all the players like her, because her story is amazing, and it is present in every The Sims game, and her family are loved, too.
  • Sofia Carlton. She is a Ambitions Sim too, and she is very eccentric in her appearance, it is very pink! If it she had been created for The Sims 3 Late Night, I think she was a 4-star celebrity.
  • Cassandra Goth. She is present in The Sims 1 and 2, and I like her because she is very alone, a thing is very unusual in The Sims 2 (by what is written in the biographs of the sims).

Soon I will write more things here!

Note: If I wrote a work wrong, please left a message in my discussion page. (My english level isn't 3, if had the 2.5 level, I would have put!)

There's a phrase in portuguese: Eu adoro a Sims Wikia, porque aqui tem muita informação boa do mundo The Sims! (Translate: I love Sims Wikia, because here has much good information of The Sims World!)

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