[[Hiya! MY online nickname is Potterania and I live in a sunny island, Malta, It is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I LOVE THE SIMS 2 AND ALSO 1! THE MOMENT I HEARD ABOUT THE SIMS 3 COMING OUT, I WENT MAD! My friends and I are great fans of the Sims. My favourite hobbies are dancing, singing, playing the sims 2, playing the violin, writing stories, reading, playing on the pc, acting, Harry Potter and more. My favourite colours are purple and maroon. I also like to edit this site so that it will improve. Write in my talk page and I hope we will all be friends! Potterania :)]]

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Producer Walkthroughs for Sims 2:(The Videos are in order that the games released)[edit | edit source]

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The Sims 3 First Looks!![edit | edit source]

thumb|500px|right thumb|500px|right

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