• I live in New York
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Student, Singer/Songwriter
  • I am Male
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~ Art is not what I create. What I create is chaos. ~

- Halsey

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Hey there, my name's Pidge!

I'm a former administrator on The Sims Wiki, and essentially your average angsty twenty-something just trying to struggle-bus it through this thing we call life. I'm a pretty elusive person and more or less MIA on the wiki for better or worse, as I have been since 2013, but I'm actively making an effort to be more visible on the wiki and, as a result, I'll pop in once in a while just for kicks.

I don't know how you got to my page, but while you're here, check out my stuff I guess. Or don't. I'm not your dad.


- SalazzlePGR7 (parler - entendre)

My GamesEdit

In The Works(?)Edit

  • Since last summer, I've been spending a whole bunch of my free time catching up on The Sims 4, and in addition to building up and populating Newcrest, I've also added a few other Sims of my own here and there across the other worlds. Which would naturally lead to:
    • Fanon pages for my Newcrest timeline -- I've laid down the basics for all of these characters, but we'll see how inspired I get to and how involved I am in actually fleshing those out.
    • Fanon pages for my Sims 4 legacy -- I'm currently on the fourth generation of a legacy, and I'm contemplating telling their story on here should the inspiration strike me.
  • Write a farewell chapter of The Good Ones. I think it's well-deserved and, at this point, a long time (a.k.a. seven years) in the making.
    • Also (maybe) rewriting some of my Good Ones chapters? Reading them back over you can tell I was a baby when I wrote them; I'd love to revisit the story with fresh eyes and (what I'd like to think is) a drastically improved vocabulary/writing style.

Projects Past and PresentEdit

My Favorite FanonEdit

Songs Y'all Should Listen To...Edit

... because I really like them and I think you will too. Or at least you should. In case you're curious about what my music taste has evolved into -- these five songs are from five of my favorite artists at the moment. I highly recommend you check out the artists if you haven't heard of them; they're all incredible.

Miscellaneous LinksEdit

  1. Sandbox

~ Let your smile change the world. Just don't let the world change your smile. ~

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