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{|width="100%" style="background: #73A9C2; border-radius: 1em"
Hey Guys!
|valign="top" width="50%" style="background: #BCD4E6; border: 3px skyblue; padding: .5em 1em; border-radius: 1em"|
Im ParanormalJ AKA Para feel free to call me that im fairly new and working on my Fanon sims at the moment so give me time and it will look great ;3
Welcome to my page {{Username}}!
Feel free to fix any of my mistakes on one of my pages it would appreciate it.
{| class="navbox collapsible collapsed" style="margin-left 5px; float:right; width:260px; font-size:100%; border:1px solid lightblue; background-color: #FFFFFF"
! colspan="2" style="text-align:center;" |<font COLOR="#FFFFFF">Userboxes </font>
|{{Userboxes |align= right}}
{{User male}}
{{User contributions}}
{{User cancer}}
{{User romance}}
{{User fortune}}
{{User popularity}}
{{User flirty}}
{{User animallover}}
{{User childish}}
{{User computerwhiz}}
{{User commitmentissues}}
{{User couchpotato}}
{{User dislikeschildren}}
{{User easilyimpressed}}
{{User goodsenseofhumor}}
{{User easilybored}}
{{User hot-headed}}
{{User friendly}}
{{User lucky}}
{{User naturalcook}}
{{User rebellious}}
{{User snob}}
{{User slob}}
{{User socialbutterfly}}
{{User supernaturalfan}}
{{User virtuoso}}
{{Userbox Australia}}
{{User teen}}
{{User depressinglysingle}}
{{User lgbt}}
{{User facebook}}
{{User gameshobby}}
{{User flsluxury}}
{{User cheats}}
{{User kaching}}
{{User rudepeople}}
{{User fall in love}}
{{User nowork}}
{{User nocoffee}}
{{User goodmemories}}
{{User movies}}
{{User failing}}
{{User special}}
{{User crazy}}
{{User meow}}
{{Userbox cs}}
{{Userbox ts2}}
{{Userbox ts2u}}
{{Userbox ts2nl}}
{{Userbox ts2ofb}}
{{Userbox ts2s}}
{{Userbox ts2bv}}
{{Userbox ts2ft}}
{{Userbox ts2al}}
{{Userbox ts2ffs}}
{{userbox ts2gls}}
{{userbox ts2cs}}
{{userbox ts2hmfs}}
{{userbox ts2tss}}
{{userbox ts2kbids}}
{{userbox ts2ihs}}
{{userbox ts2mgs}}
{{User ts2games}}
{{userbox ts3}}
{{Userbox ts3wa}}
{{Userbox ts3a}}
{{userbox ts3ln}}
{{Userbox ts3p}}
{{Userbox ts3sn}}
{{fan strangetown}}
{{Fan vamps}}
{{User blue}}
{{User sushi}}
{{User lobsterthermidor}}
{{User electronica}}
{{User pop}}
{{User indie}}
{{User blueeyes}}
{{User customhair}}
{|class="collapsible collapsed" width="100%" style="border:2px solid lightblue; -moz-border-radius:7.5px; text-align:center; font-size:75%; font-family:verdana;"
!style="background:lightblue; -moz-border-radius:3.25px;" align="center"|<div style="margin-left:55px;"><font color="white" style="font-size:13.5px; font-family:tahoma;">''Main stuff''</font></div>
==My fanons==
I'am one of those people that say "If you nice to me i'll be nice to you" so treat me with respect and I think we'll get along just fine.
Add me on facebook if you need help with sims or simPE im not really sure about sim wiki yet so ask an admin if not i'll do my best to help :D
Sedona is my Sims 2 neighborhood i'am creating it is a remake on an unreleased neighborhood "Sedona" so I guess you could say i'am releasing the unreleased :D
I have personally build all houses/community lots along with the neighborhood decorations and made all playable families with memories, relationships and family storytelling pictures. I have also cleared all useless details on SimPe for example; text strings about pleasantview lots and Pleasantviews townies basically anything that connects with other neighborhoods making it very unique also cleared all things that could lead to corruption I have watched the neighborhood and all sims data extremely carefully to make sure no glitches/errors or corruption effects anything. I have worked very hard on this neighborhood and it isn't far from release.
'''It requires only the base game. No expansion packs, stuff packs or CC were installed during the making of Sedona.'''

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