• I was born on January 18
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

I am a person with a completely mixed personality that likes to play The Sims 2 every once and then. I completely like paranormal and sci-fi. I am generally nice, but I am prone to randomly being rude and grumpy. I like to complain about life. It's also interesting to note that my Zodiac sign is a Capricorn, but I behave more like an Aquarius.

I forget about things very easily, so don't be surprised if you ask me to do something and I forget what I was supposed to do. I also tend to lose motivation when it comes to fulfilling things.


Capricorn - Big
Sloppy 03 Neat
Shy 01 Outgoing
Lazy 02 Active
Serious 10 Playful
Grouchy 10 Nice


Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment06
Food interestFood10
Weather interestWeather09
Culture interestCulture00
Money interestMoney07
Paranormal interestParanormal09
Health interestHealth05
Fashion interestFashion00
Travel interestTravel00
Crime interestCrime04
Sports interestSports00
Entertainment interestEntertainment10
Animals interestAnimals06
Work interestWork00
School interestSchool00
Toys interestToys05
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi10


Image Skill Level
Writing skill iconWriting03

Facts about meEdit

  • I am insane.
  • Despite being a coward, I am very interested in the paranormal and reading scary stories, which often leads to me being scared for a few days....or weeks.
  • You will almost always see me complaining about something.
  • I may be suddently angry at something.
  • I may suddently hate you for no reason.
  • Despite being 13 and being as tall as a 15 year old, I behave like a 6 year old child.
  • I also like children.
  • I believe aliens exist, and would like to meet long as it is friendly/not hostile!
  • I have a good personality, and while I may be rude towards someone, I will never wish they suffer of anything bad...unless they are my enemy.
    • Due to this reason, I will almost never torture or kill a Sim.
  • I am prone to randomly feeling depressive.
  • Nothing good happens in my life.
  • I hate entering contact with water.
    • You can probably guess why you're sniffing that horrible smell right now.
  • Despite having the Knowledge aspiration, I hate studying.
  • I hate it when my parents push me out of my house to go in those "field trips" for no reason at all.
  • I will likely hate you if you are constantly against me.
  • I have some very odd habits and hobbies.
    • One of those is that I hate being nude, or even shirtless.
    • For this reason, you may see me wandering around with a long-sleeved shirt in plain summer.
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