aka Ben

  • My occupation is Penguin
  • I am A Man and looking for love

My Special PageEdit

I am a nice person who knows about sims. Feel free to ask me any question in my talk page! Nice to see you! What's your username? Thats a great username. If you are a contributor, you should check out my fanon, where the latest spotlights of my gameplay are held. My goal is to get every sims game.

Hello Edit

I am Ben, a talented contributor. I am best known for swimming talent with extra definition of my sims. I have only had a problem with simlish language because it is complicated but I know the basics. I usually contribute to wikia but i am semi-active.

My goals Edit

Become an administrator

Write 100 fanon articles

Write a fanon article for my dream sim(done)

Write a blog

Write 20 articles



Great Kisser

Hopeless Romantic




If you make me in game, please only allow straight couples to be made so leave me  with a girl.

I will not always respond to my messages, so please wait.

How to become friends Edit

You can be a friend by meeting me on chat. All friends are known as the 'gang'.

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