aka Nathan Banks

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on December 3
  • I am Male
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About MeEdit

Hey :) My name is Nathan, I'm 25 years old and I live in the UK. I love the sims, it's been my favourite game for years and years now. I've loved experimenting with story telling and movie making on the Sims over the last few years, it's been something I've really enjoyed doing. I love combining my imagination with The Sims because it allows me to create the characters, the scenery and how I visualise things, so instead of them being in my imagination I can share with people that read my stories exactly what it is that's going on inside my mind when I write and think about the things in my stories. When I'm not story making, I usually just play The Sims, which still gives me loads of enjoyment because the game is just ever-evolving. More about me? I live in the UK, in a small town near Manchester - I've moved four times in the past 2 years, all homes in the same town. I live with my girlfriend. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 5 years now and we're both really happy with each other :)

Random FactsEdit

Random facts about me; this list is quite long :P

  • I'm 26 in December!
  • I used to be 16 stone, but I lost the weight a year ago.
  • I love my girlfriend more than anyone or anything in this entire word :)
  • My favourite Sims game is The Sims 3: Showtime, because I just love making myself a famous singer :P
  • Munchies are my alltime favourite sweets/chocolates :)
  • Pepsi is my favourite drink, but I also love Orange and Pineapple squash.
  • My favourite movie franchise is The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.
  • I'm a Disney Nerd! A Big one!!!!
  • My height is 5'6! I'm a shorty!
  • My shoe size is 8s :)
  • I wear snapback caps more or less all the time, just because they look so good :)
  • I have a dog called Lola :)
  • I love my Playstation 4 :)
  • I own an iPhone
  • I have been told I look like Justin Bieber by quite a few people, I don't see it personally, but it's all good :)
  • I rarely smile on pictures except when I'm with my girlfriend :)

Anything else you need to know? Ask me on my talk page hehe :)

Current ProjectsEdit

  • A Disney Story: The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Details Coming soon!

Past ProjectsEdit

  • Fanon: The Life Of Bella Goth - "Two curious townsfolk decide to locate the truth behind the statue of the mysterious Bella Goth, in the center of town. Their search leads them to a elderly woman, who tells them the story about her Mother, and how tragedy struck the family, and the neighbourhood they lived in."
  • Fanon: Cluedo - Murder At The Mansion! - "A Group of people are gathered at a Mansion in the middle of a forest as a free vacation break. As the guests are murdered one-by-one, in a mad, murderous bloodbath; the survivors come to learn that they are part of someone's sick board game"
  • Fanon: Nathan Banks (Celebrity) - "Wikia page made for myself but in sim form and as a celebrity."
  • Fanon: Dina Caliente (Celebrity) - "Wikia page for Dina Caliente, but transformed into a celebrity page."
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