Odille sim

My selfsim! I don't usually wear makeup, but this one begged for it

About meEdit

Hello! My real name is too boring :D So call me Oddille!

My Sims obsession began there in the earlies '00. First it was The Sims with all its expansion packs, then The Sims 2 too with all its expansion packs, and then The Sims 3, with it's expansion pack! I was a simmer when I was ten years old, and I will be a simmer when The Sims 5 arrive, and I'm fifty or so! :)

I so MUCH rather The Sims 2 than the sims 3, but ocasionally I too play The Sims and The Sims 3.

Please ask me anything, the most sure is I will not know it, but I'll research it for you!

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