The Sims 3: Showtime


Sims who work in one of the performance professions (singer, acrobat, and magician) need to solicit a gig and perform in one in order to gain career experience.

Auditioning for a gig

Sims can start auditioning for a gig when they reach level 2 of the profession. In order to solicit a gig, Sims must go to a gig location, talk to a proprietor, and audition for a gig. After that, the proprietor will decide whether the Sims are given the permission to perform at the location or not. If they are accepted, they are given a gig schedule the next day. If they are rejected, they can try auditioning again after 24 hours.

Sims have a base chance of 60% to be accepted and additional +5% for each career level and associated hidden skill. The chance is increased if Sims have good relationship with the proprietor. The venue type decreases the chance to be accepted (0% for park, -15% for coffeehouse, -30% for live show venue, -45% for private venue, and -60% for big show venue).

Proprietors appear in orange map tag from the map view. They are only available at a certain time of the day. Sims can check their gig schedule from their career tab by clicking the "Gig Schedule" button. A window will show how many gigs are available for the Sims to perform. The window shows the location of the gig, the day, the start and end time, and whether the gig is steady or not. After Sims solicit a gig, it will appear in the schedule for the next day. A gig may start between 4 to 8 PM, and the duration is 3 hours long.

Venue type

There are 5 types of gig venues for Sims to perform based on the lot assignment. The better the type of the gig, the more Sims will earn money and experience.

Icon Venue Required level Cash (§) Experience Lot assignment
W park Park 2 200 150
W bistro Coffeehouse 3 400 175
Live Show Venue icon Live Show Venue 5 700 225
Private Venue icon Private Venue 7 1,100 275
Big Show Venue icon Big Show Venue 8 1,800 400

It is possible for advanced players to build their own gig venue based on the table above. A gig requires a show stage found in the buydebug category to function properly. If the stage is placed in a lot assignment that's not listed above, the proprietor will always reject Sims from audition.

Setting up the stage

Before starting the show, Sims must set up the stage. The players can choose to use the venue's setup, create a custom setup, or use a previously saved setup. By creating a custom setup, the game will switch to Buy mode. During setup, the players can place props on the stage from the catalog or family inventory. Setup is only limited to the stage, so the players cannot place anything outside it. In addition to the catalog items, the players can also place Lounge Lizard Magic Gnome and Cranstan Boonitz the Magic Gnome on the stage. When the player is done setting up, the game will ask if the player wants to save the setup for future use or not.

Some props are locked by default and can only be unlocked by completing SimPort tasks. There are 9 prop themes: circus, broadway, mystical, neon, macabre, big food, effects, chess, and "other". "Other" is the universal theme for props unlocked from SimPort and the 2 magic gnomes from Showtime. Stage props affect the initial score of the performance, although the amount is almost insignificant. High score is based on the number slots occupied by props on the stage, the most number of props in the same theme, and the number of unique props.



Upon finishing the show, the proprietor will tell the review of the show, which is more easily indicated by the moodlet the Sim receives. Any props Sims have purchased prior to setting up the stage will be placed in the family inventory. The result of the performance is based on performance score at the end of the show as seen on the table below.

Quality Score Steady gig chance (%)
Poor 0 ≤ score ≤ 0.2 0
Standard 0.2 < score ≤ 0.4 0
Great 0.4 < score ≤ 0.65 5
Excellent 0.65 < score ≤ 0.85 25
Legendary 0.85 < score 50

There's a chance that the Sim will receive a steady gig schedule after the show is over. Sims will be scheduled to perform every week on the same day and time. This may or may not be beneficial as Sims can normally audition for a gig after the show is over, but on the other hand, they no longer need to worry about being rejected for an audition if they have a steady gig. Sims can cancel a steady gig anytime. The steady gig will be canceled if the Sim's show performance is poor or they miss the gig twice.

Info information icon
A common misconception is that Sims may receive a genie's lamp when they've performed a legendary show. This is partially true; Sims have 100% chance to receive a genie's lamp unless they already have one in their inventory and must be after 20 days since the last time they received a genie's lamp. However, the code erroneously requires Sims to earn a result better than legendary, which is impossible in an unmodded game.

Watching a show

Performing as DJ


Simology <tabber> tabs order:

|-|Skills =
|-|Talent Badges =
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Game Body color Border color Color Line color Main header color 2nd font color 2nd header color
Default #F9F9F9 #000000 #007FFF #909090 #808080 #000000 #E3E3E3
Urbz #FFC154 #CC6633 #CC6633 #FF7F50 #CC6633 #FFFFFF #FF8C00
TS1 #FFDDCC #B22222 #FF0000 #FA8072 #CD5C5C #FA8072
TS1 EP #FF007F
TS2 #BFDFFF #4466FF #0000FF #99BBFF #4466FF #6495ED
TS2 SP #00FF00
TS3 #CCFFCC #449966 #00CC00 #66CC80 #2E8B57 #55AA77
TS3 EP #FF9933
TS3 SP #64B668
TSS #D3FCF8 #44879E #007FFF #82D8D0 #18B4F7 #50CFEC
TSM #FFFACD #DAA520 None None #DAA520 #F0E68C
TS4 #D1EEF7 #2CA9E1 #105887 #78B3E5 #3291CF #000000 #85CDF8

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Time Traveling

May receive the following moodlets:

Great AdventureLet Off SteamAdrenaline RushFascinatedCelebrityCheered UpDivine MealInspiredTranquilWinner (Good)
HorrifiedScaredDisappointedTrimalynnStuff TakenOffendedTrimalynnHumiliatedFearTrimalynnDisgustedBetrayed (Bad)

Investigating Drill Hole

May receive the following moodlets:

Awesome PartyBuzzedHaving a BlastFascinatedGreat AdventureI am the GreatestInspiredOddly PowerfulThe Life of the PartyWinner (Good)
WarmedTranquilPumpedLet Off SteamImpressedIntriguedComforted (OK)
Aching BackDisgustedEmbarrassedHorrifiedSingedSore (Bad)

Drinking / Getting "On a Beach" Moodlet Drink

May remove the following moodlets:

Stressed OutCaught After CurfewDefeated by WasherDetentionTrimalynnDizzyFeeling Anxious About FaucetFeeling Anxious About FaucetFeeling Anxious About FaucetFiredTrimalynnForeboding FortuneVirtually TerrifiedHorrifiedBoring ConversationOverworkedPlagued by NatureScaredNauseousBad ReceptionTired from MovingToo Many PeopleWasted FoodWasting Natural ResourcesWasting WaterCold ShowerEmbarrassedFeeling ShyKicked Out

Drinking Sorrow Annihilator Drink

May remove the following moodlets:

EmbarrassedAfraid of the DarkHorrifiedVirtually TerrifiedGot Ripped OffWitnessed BetrayalAnxious to AdvanceMuggedStrainedRude AwakeningRude GuestBad Time OutTired from Moving

May reduce the effect of the following moodlets:

MourningLost a FriendBetrayedStressed OutFiredTrimalynnStuff Taken

Eating Jelly Bean

May receive the following moodlets:

Adrenaline RushBuzzedFascinatedFeeling LuckyMinty BreathOddly PowerfulStuffedSugar RushEducatedWarmed (Good)
Feeling UnluckyGarlic BreathHungryVery HungryItchyNauseousSmellyTiredTerrified!DisappointedTrimalynnEmbarrassedHas to Pee (Bad)
Too Spicy!All Glowy on the OutsideBerry Blue (Other)

Talking to Academic Advisor

May remove the following moodlets:

ScaredMoodlet braindeadBad Exam TakerDumped by TextJust a Minor SetbackSaw a Terrible Genre MovieLost a Trivia ChallengeFeeling Naked on the InsideBlogged OutMurphy Bed ClinophobiaAbductedNot so FairMoodlet no frame conflictedUpsetStuff TakenStressed OutLost a FriendLonelyHumiliatedHeart BrokenBetrayedSell Out

Harnessing Kindness Crystal Flower

May remove the following moodlets:

DesolateHeart BrokenMourningEmbarrassedHumiliatedOffendedTrimalynnUpsetDisappointedTrimalynnCreeped OutScaredFeeling Anxious About FaucetThrew a Lame Party

Receiving "BuffArtificiallyOverjoyed" -- not sure what this is yet; need to figure out later

May remove the same moodlets as Kindness Crystal Flower Above, but with additions:

Rude AwakeningRude GuestBoring ConversationTerrified!Moodlet feeling out of sortsMoodlet impending episodeMoodlet delusionalOwned By BullMoodlet artificial sadnessBlogged OutBlogged Out

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