aka Nat

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is Student, actress
  • I am Female

About me.Edit

Well... My name is Natália, my friends call me Nat and I'm 13, Brazilian. I can say that I like soccer, cats, wolves, green eyes, The Beatles and The Sims .If you think I am freak, congratulations, you are right!!! That's it, nice to meet you! Other things in my userbox. :D

My freak traits

  • Absent-Minded- I really can't focus on anything...
  • Brave- I never panic or get nervous (maybe because I'm always in my imaginary wolrd). I don't know if it is good, I hardly ever can show it, and when I can, it's in a too extreme way. Maybe I'm daredevil...
  • Hot-Headed- Explosive personality. I don't get nervous, but I easily get angry.
  • Kleptomaniac- I was using this as revenge, but now is a obsession. d:
  • Shy- After all, I'm shy, a shy actress... I hate to be shy!

Top 10 favorite Sims Edit

10. Betty Simovitch- She's sweet and lovely ,the opposite of me, but I do like her!

'9. 'Pollination Tech #9 Smith- How can't I like him? He's so freak!

8. Jenny Smith- She's the freak's wife :-b

7. Tank Grunt- He was my "boyfriend" in The Sims 2 NDS...

6. Kaylynn Langerak- Love triangles are always welcome <3

5. Bella Goth- She is the mysterious The Sims 2 focous (and a cute child in TS3)

4. Rhoda Bagley- My personality is very similar to hers and she's also really pretty.



1. Don Lothario- The way he walk, talk, work out, seduces and... HE IS THE FIRST AND BEST WOMANIZER OF THE SIMS SERIES!!! GO DON!!!

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