Hai, I'm Mr. Totaldramaman. Though, most users call me MTDM. I'm a new user here, who started playing Sims when... The Sims 3 came out (Pathetic? Yep!). I originate from the Total Drama Wiki, though that's stating the obvious. I am currently in charge of the Newsletter, along with my assistant partner, DanPin. If you'd like to talk to me, I'd most likely be in the IRC channel, #wikia-sims, my nick being MTDM. Although, I do have many nicks, so you can recognize me by my cloak, wikia/Mr--Totaldramaman. Yeah, that's pretty much it!

~ AiP CM Rarity.svg MTDM

sycrat (noun): someone who is both an admin and a bureaucrat on a wiki

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Best IRC-only User - 2011
This user was voted as the Best IRC-only User in The Sims Wiki Awards 2011.
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