• I live in Switzerland
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Im 18 years old. I like to play games,watch TV,do sports and much other things. Whats cool on the sims? Its sometimes better than its own life xD.
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Lolita Goth This user believes that Lolita Goth is Gunther Goth's ex-wife!
Sims 2 puppy and mother
This user is a fan of dogs.
Sims plum-bob1
This user is a fan of the PlumbBob!
Sunlit Tides thumbnail

This user is a fan of Sunlit Tides.

Lunar Lakes thumbnail

This user is a fan of Lunar Lakes.

Al Simhara thumbnail

This user is a fan of Al Simhara.

Barnacle Bay thumbnail

This user is a fan of Barnacle Bay.

Sunset Valley thumbnail

This user is a fan of Sunset Valley.

Pleasantview story This user is a fan of Pleasantview.
Holly Alto (Sunset Valley)
This user is a fan of Holly Alto.
Kaylynn Langerak (The Sims 2)
This user is a fan of Kaylynn Langerak.
Bella Goth (TheSims2 PleasantView) This user is a fan of Bella Goth.
The Sims 2 Pets for console TheSims2Pets wii-1-
The Sims 4 Logo This user might buy The Sims 4.
The Sims 2: Pets The Sims 2 Pets Logo
The Sims 2 The Sims 2 Logo
Fav Custom The user's favorite music is Custom.
This user's favorite food is anything with cheese.
Fav Cookies The user's favorite food is Cookies.
Fav Red The user's favorite color is Red
MTS This user is on Mod The Sims as Zvieri.
PlayStation Network logo This user plays on PlayStation Network as Zvieri2-3.
Chrome logo
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox logo
This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Windows8 This user runs on Windows 8.
W run around
This user has a pet/pets.
W returnhome
This user loves to travel abroad.
Aa club sports
This user enjoys doing sports.
Singer career icon
This user likes to sing!
Aa club art
This user loves to paint.
Moodlet no frame high quality video
This user likes watching TV.
' '
Play BasketballSoccerFootball

This user's hobby is Sports.

Play HandheldBowlingPlaying Cards

This user's hobby is Games.

Watch a MovieRead a NovelWrite a Novel want

This user's hobby is Film and Literature.

Too Many People This user is an introvert.
Gieke family This user is special in their own way!
Saw Great Movie
This user likes watching movies.
HavingGoodDreams This user likes dreams.
Very Hungry This user is always hungry.
Cuddle Time
This user likes plush toys.
Buzz Crashed
This user doesn't like coffee.
Rude Guest
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Pancakes This user lets Sims eat Pancakes.
Facebook logo icon This user is on Facebook
Google+-icon This user is on Google+
Sims3 diamond This user is on
Got Left at the Altar by -Sim- This user has never been in a relationship.
Got Rejected for Going Steady by -Sim- This user identifies as asexual.
Rejected Proposal This user is single.
This user is a young adult.
Female symbol This user is female.
This user has black hair.
TS2 Brown Eyes
This user has brown eyes.
Grilled cheese The user has the Grilled Cheese aspiration.
TaurusLN This user is a Taurus.
Trait Dog Person
This user has the Dog Person trait.
Trait Good
This user has the Good trait.
Trait Shy
This user has the Shy trait.
Trait Socially Awkward
This user has the Socially Awkward trait.
Trait Vehicle Enthusiast
This user has the Vehicle Enthusiast trait.
Flag portugal This user is Portuguese.
DE This user speaks German at a native level.
EN-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
PT This user speaks Portuguese at a native level.

  • A (15).jpg Ayesha Ansari and Xander Clavell
  • Arthur Langerak with crossed arms
  • Gloria Goode and Arthur Langerak in a school building, made by Zvieri (Mollymolata)
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